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A Dream Come True

(by Claire Hassell) Vincent lounged in the doorway of Wolfe’s bedroom, one hand tucked into the pocket of his jeans, drinking brandy from his bottle silently and watching Wolfe dress. His mouth twitched into a smirk as Wolfe bent to pick up his trousers, displaying the perfectly formed muscles of his back and buttocks in all their ivory glory.

“Nice,” He murmured, tilting his head down Wolfe pulled on a pair of breeches. Wolfe started and looked up, his chocolate brown eyes flashing amber as they settled on his audience.

“How long have you been watching?” He demanded, hands hurried tucking his shirt tails into his trousers, ignoring Vincent’s smirk as he tucked the front in.

“Oh, I don’t know, since you started dressing I think... Time feels funny today.” Wolfe’s eyes narrowed and he straightened.

“So you saw me naked.” Vincent smiled amiably and took another swig of his drink.

“Possibly.” He gave Wolfe a crooked smile.

“That means yes.”

“Wow, we are good at stating the obvious today.”

“What do you want, Vince?” Vincent shrugged.

“I’m lonely.”

“Well, I’m done with you, go be lonely somewhere else. Maybe with Lupus, you and he have a lot in common, both annoying as hell.” Wolfe turned his back on him and set about making his bed, unaware that Vincent was tilting his head at the body parts his bending over had attracted his attention to.

“That’s mean! And no! Why should I?” Wolfe stiffened and turned to face him, his eyes flashing with ire despite his calm voice.

“Because you’re in my house uninvited, and you have spurned any and all attempts to make our relationship one of amorous nature rudely and cruelly. I have no time for people such as you. Hearts aren’t for playing with, so don’t play with mine, and leave me alone.” Wolfe had advanced upon Vincent until he was close enough to smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Huh? Oh yeah, the wooing thing. Nice try by the way. I was actually quite tempted on occasion, despite having been heterosexual my entire life.”

Vincent grinned wickedly and leant back, his hips pushed forwards. Wolfe’s eyes were drawn down for a moment, but he pulled them away just as quickly.

“Like when?” Vincent shrugged; his movements languid and teasing.

“I’m not sure exactly, but I know I was; I dreamt about you as well.”

“I think you’re a bit old for wet dreams.” Wolfe spat as he turned away to straighten the sheets further.

“Never said they were good dreams.”

“What did you dream?” He picked up a shirt from the floor and began to fold it. Vincent crossed the room to him and grabbed his hands, holding them to his mouth as he kissed them gently.

“Something along those lines at times.” Wolfe’s gaze hardened.

“Stop playing with me.”

“I’m not, I’m being sincere, demon’s honour... Look, us Pyrobe demons, us young bloke demons have this thing about our gayness right? Every single Pyrobe demon is bi, and we know it, but until you get to this age you just hate that part of you, makes you feel less of a man y’know?” Wolfe, who’d turned away in disgust, twisted his head to look at him. “I know I’ve been a bit of a tosser Wolfe, but I’ve grown up a bit... I think I’m ready to embrace all of me now. If I can do it with you anyway. I’ve only dreamt of you, and until now I’ve thought of ‘em as nightmares, with us kissing and... stuff, y’know?” He trailed.

“Well, I’d say that’s a good dream.” Wolfe assented.

“Yeah, they were good dreams. And then of course I woke up, empty bed, all alone.”

“Do I want to know the state in which you woke?”

“Probably not. Or maybe you would, I’m not sure.” He held Wolfe’s hands for a moment and then slid away, leaning back against one of the bedposts as he fingered a packet of blue pills.

“You’re drunk, or high, go away.” Vincent’s eyebrows drew together in an anxious look.

“You don’t want me here?” He asked softly.

“I always want you here, well, I just want you, but you don’t want in return, so our contact is pointless.”

“Who said I didn’t, don’t, want you Wolfe?”

“You did, many times, each time after returning my kisses with passion and fervour. Take the first time for example, sure you were drunk, but you f**king started it and got me all fired up about you, and then you treated me like I’d f**king raped you or something!”

“Well I was very drunk, and you got me in that state in the first place!”

“You also told me you loved me straight after you came and kissed me repeatedly all over my body, giving you plenty of time to work out what my gender was. And to be honest, I’m a man, a vampire one, but still a man, you think anyone my way inclined would say ‘no’ to you?!”

“Good point... Well I never meant it, the being mean that is, I just had a bit of growing up to do, you know? Plus I never want to be the woman in a relationship, and that’s never gonna leave. I wanted to be the one to pounce. I wanted to come to you myself. And I got all worked up because I was so nervous, so I had a drink, or... nine. But I’m here now.” He sat down on the bed, arms crossed, face sulky.

“This from the most homophobic person I know, bar Iodin.” Wolfe crossed his arms and stared at the floor.

“Oh, well, I lied to you. I like you; you’re different. Even when I was being a twat I liked you, just wouldn’t admit it to myself, or anyone.” He stood again and moved towards Wolfe slowly, ignoring how the vampire tensed.

“Don’t play with me again Vincent.”

“I’m not, I want you.” Vincent ran his hands down the sides of Wolfe’s shoulders, then Wolfe turned and faced him, studying his face.

“I’m dead, and male, are you sure?” Vincent nodded.

“Would I lie to you Wolfe?”

“Yes.” Vincent thought about it.

“Okay, so maybe I’m a bit of a scoundrel, but can you blame me? I was trying to hide my feelings from you.” Wolfe snorted.

“You’re capable of feelings?” His words were bitter and he stared hard at the floor, hoping it would swallow him.

“You don’t mean that.” Vincent said, hurt.

“No I don’t, but you’re p*ssing me around.”

“No I’m not, I really do like you.” Despite the sincerity of his words Wolfe eyed him suspiciously.

“I’m still not convinced.”

“Well, what can I do to convince you?”

“I don’t know...” Vincent frowned.

“I’ll do anything, anything you want. Look, I know I’ve been really hard on you, pushing you away and everything... and maybe you’re right, okay, you are right, I am camp, I am extremely gay, I’m also really fussy and stupid. Please Wolfe.”

“Respond to me, you know... with kisses and things.”

“Okay, try me.” Wolfe shook his head.

“No, you start it; I won’t be pushed away again. It kills me when you do that, especially last time.”

Vincent moved to him and tentatively brushed his lips with his own, closing his eyes and pushing Wolfe back, his tongue flicking over Wolfe’s lips to request entrance. Wolfe lips parted and he gasped slightly, finding himself kissing back before he could stop himself, pressing the full length of his body to Vincent’s and entwining his hands in his hair.

Vincent pulled away a few moments later, gasping for breath and clutching Wolfe’s arms tightly. Wolfe’s hands slid down Vincent’s back, and he jerked when he felt the heat radiating from Vincent’s spine.

“You’re hot.”

“Thank you.”

“No, your back.”

“Erm, it does that when I’m really turned on, or angry, or happy... it’s an emotion thing.”

“Oh... So you meant what you said?” Vincent nodded, still breathless. They stared at one another for a moment before Vincent took the initiative and twisted to push Wolfe back onto the bed, kissing him frantically and gasping when Wolfe’s thigh slid up between his to press where he needed it most.

“This is better than my other dreams.” Vincent murmured, lips pressing damp kisses to Wolfe’s throat as he pressed his groin down against his leg.

“Don’t you dare wake up from this one.”
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