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May I have this Dance

(by Danni Nucoal) The date was October 17, 2013. The war that had penned human against demon was now coming to an end. The number of deaths that both sides had suffered was uncountable, blood had flowed too freely from both sides to even decipher if it was human or demon. Among this blood bath a child was born, she was not human nor was she demon for she was nothing like the world had seen before. Her lightly tanned skin was flawless, a fuzzy mat of dark brown hair sat atop her round shaped head as large doe brown eyes stared at the dead and dying bodies around her. No tears fell from her eyes just as no cries came from her mouth. She took in the world that surrounded her in complete silence.

How could a place such as a battle field be the birth place to such a child? A passing human soldier saw the girl and took her home to his young wife. With the war at an end the couple could not settle down and start a family of their own, maybe the soldier could talk his wife into letting them raise the small girl as one of their own. After all a baby had no place, nor right, to be in a battle field all alone.
All those ice bucket bloopers you didn\'t see
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