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Fallen for the Fallen

(by Kuilu) When the council gave him an order, he immediately obeyed. That’s why he had gotten so far and been here so long. Sometimes others couldn’t make it. They were scared or hurt or they… ah, heaven forbid…/felt/.
So… the council gave him an order.
Of course, he accepted immediately. It was his custom to give a curt nod when the Ruler gave him an assignment. He’d have to do it anyway – It wasn’t like he had a /choice/.
He was to descend to The Planet – Earth, the locals called it – and hunt down a lawbreaker. He nodded again – hunting was what he did best.
The Ruler smiled, as always, at his prompt obedience. He liked how he did not question.
The Ruler told him he would know the lawbreaker by the marks it carried. There were wings on its back – not like the wings of the Angels, full and bright and magical – but mere reflections of what they used to be. Nothing more than shadows.
/Drawings/, if you must.
The lawbreaker was guilty of treason. It had gone against the Ruler’s orders and assisted a convict in escaping the local prisons, also killing two guards. This convict had been guilty of immeasurable acts, and because of its assistance, the blame was now held upon the lawbreaker’s shoulders; for that was the way of the Angels.
You are not to bring it here alive, the Ruler said, shutting his eyes, indicating that the meeting was nearly over. You will kill it where it stands and bring it here even as its traitor’s blood drips, warm, from its body. I trust you. I trust you will do the right thing.
He gave another nod, and won another one of the Rulers smiles.


When he finally descended to The Planet, he did not expect to see the boy there, all alone under rain-washed skies, still dark with unshed tears. He let the rain plaster thin clothes to an even thinner body and chill him, and while his lips turned blue with the cold and his eyes blurred with the wind and he shook rather violently, he stared up, up… into the clouded sky.
And instead of thinking of his duty to the Ruler, he thought of the child standing under a burnt out streetlight, letting himself freeze to death. And instead of making an effort to search for the lawbreaker immediately, he went to the boy; standing close enough to touch him.
“Isn’t it beautiful?”
He wasn’t sure that he had heard correctly – the small, half-frozen boy was standing out here in a long-sleeved t-shirt and it was nearly winter. Oh, /Ruler/, if he ever got off of this planet without going insane…
“It’s pretty cold out here.”
The boy looked at him; smiled.
That really wasn’t the answer he expected.
“Why don’t you go home?”
“Don’t have one,”
He turned back towards the sky.
“I’m not wanted…”
With a closer inspection, he could see that the child wasn’t really as young as he had initially seemed. Only about seven or eight thousand years younger… but in Planet years, maybe two or three.
“You could die out here.”
He sighed. The naïve child… even if he /was/ only seven thousand years younger than he was. He put his hand on the boy’s shoulder. Once again, he turned to him with haunting, violet eyes.
“Come with me.”
He looked surprised.
“Just for now. I can give you food. New clothes… a hot bath and a bed for the night.”
He doubted he’d ever see a smile that was as beautiful as the one that graced the boy’s face…
Frigid fingers brushed his lips.
“Thank you…”
The cold hand traveled to his, and they made their way to an apartment.


One night turned into two, and two nights turned into one week… things just fell into place after that.
The boy was now used to wearing shirts and sweaters that hung over his hands and slid from one elegantly curved shoulder. He was used to hot cooking in the morning and then more food from the others plate. He was used to a kind smile upon waking.
He was used to sleeping in a bed across from… /him/, so close that either one could reach a trembling hand through the fourteen inches of empty space towards the other and touch him in the night.
The hunter had forgotten his mission. The lawbreaker, the ruler… he had forsaken them all just to… live. This ‘home’, this life, this boy… Yes. He wanted to live.
He said so one day as the two sat down to dinner.
In response, the boy looked at him for a very long time. He pulled his shirt back over his shoulder.
“Will you kiss me?”
Without thinking, he stood and went to the other side of the table. He bent and let their lips touch briefly before returning to his seat.
They ate the rest of their meal in silence.


That night, he let his hand fall.
He traced the boy’s jaw while he slept, breathing deep and even. He let his fingers play across his eyelids, over his cheeks. Warm digits danced past his lips.
He traced the soft shell of his ear and threaded fingers through thick, dark tresses...
…the boy began to murmur something in his sleep which made him bring his hand back.
“ – ey…Feels nice…”
Amethyst eyes half-opened.
“Why’d y’ stop…?”
That was all the invitation he needed.
His hands were back in his hair again and he wanted to draw him close; over the seemingly endless abyss. The boy pulled himself from his bed and slid into the other’s; it had seemed too small for the both of them to have their own space but now they did not need space…
“Will you kiss me?”
He had straddled the larger man… /Ruler/, he had never seen eyes like his…
But yes. He would kiss him.
So he was under him and he was kissing him – pulling mutters of contentedness from his gentle throat. He touched the boy – his face, neck, chest… and as his hands moved lower their kisses grew deeper. They were drowning in a well of fiery passion.
He slid his hands underneath his shirt and ran possessive hands across the sculpted landscape of his chest. He brought his head down and a delirious mouth raced across the hot plane of flesh.
He started to remove the fabric barrier, but a placid touch stayed his hand. The boy looked into questioning, amber eyes and guided the fingers to the waistband of his pants.


They awoke to each others’ warmth – his muscular legs wrapped around lithe, nimble ones and his bare chest pressed against the crude fabric of the boy’s borrowed sweater. He drew fingers across a smooth hip, and the other turned to meet him with a kiss. They smiled and he left the younger on the bed, heading to the kitchen to make their morning meal.
He came in a few minutes later, hungry, groggy and bed-headed, and naked from the waist down.
“Nice pants.”
He blushed and returned to the bedroom, returning quickly with plaid pajama bottoms that were just about falling off.
“What’s for breakfast?”
He stared at the food he had been making.
“I don’t know,”
He smiled at the boy’s laughter; at the warm arms that slid around his waist and the soft lips at his neck. He would never have dreamt…
“I like it here,” he said suddenly, disentwining his arms from his lover’s taut body. He sat at the table and waited for the food, straddling a folding chair and watching the older man stroll the kitchen.
“Me too.”
There was a comfortable silence.
“Why did you come here?”
He stopped what he was stirring for a second. What /had/ he come here for?
Oh, yes. The Ruler. The lawbreaker.
“I… don’t –”
“That’s alright. I don’t want to remember, either.”
But that was the problem – he /had/ to remember. If he didn’t return… he would be severely punished. He had already taken too long. This morning, after breakfast, he would search. He would find the lawbreaker and end it, and spend one last night with the boy before returning to his lofty existence.
He smiled at the boy and set the food in front of him.
How could he leave him?
How could he…?


He had left.
Right after their unusually quiet breakfast, he had left without a word. He said he wouldn’t be back until much later.
The boy was puzzled – he had never done this before. Of course, when he did occasionally leave the apartment he would say goodbye with a smile and a peck on the cheek. He would say what he was doing and when he would return. But this time, he was just… /gone/.
He was bored, all alone.
He tried reading one of the many catalogues strewn around various surfaces in the apartment. There was, however, nothing that interested him – even if he had had the money to buy it.
He dosed, upright, on a chair for a few minutes before having the sense to move himself to a bed. Once there, he found himself unable to sleep. He sighed and picked himself up. He found one of his roommate’s clean towels and headed to the bathroom to shower. His pajamas found their place in the corner of his room and he found his under the hot spray of the shower.
He had been in there for a good few hours. Now the water was frigid and goosebumps developed on his arms and stomach. He shook out his waterlogged hair and left the bathroom.
He rifled through the drawers until he found some clean denim jeans. He pulled them on and started across the room towards the shirt cupboards.
He stopped suddenly.
He was standing in a sunspot; toes buried into the warm carpet as he headed towards the window. It had been raining since he had got here, but now… He pulled open the window to let the bright warmness seep into his bones. He sighed and pulled in a deep, long breath of fresh air. He hadn’t been outside in so long…
The door opened.
He froze.


The hunter had given up the search. For today, that is.
He would return to his ‘home’ and he would be able to be with the boy for one day longer. He was relieved. Thankful.
He stepped into the apartment building that he currently resided in, but not before turning towards the sky and letting the sun caress his face and glint off of his fine golden hair. He smiled towards the heavens, his /real/ home, and continued inside.
He decided that once he arrived at his apartment he would cook an extra-large supper – the boy would have forgotten to feed himself and once reminded he would be extra hungry. After a good meal, they would be initially sleepy, but if he acted at the right moment, they would soon be in each others’ passionate embrace; once again sharing the bed.
He climbed up the flights of stairs – quicker, now that he had a motive of sorts. He wanted to spend as much time with the boy as he could – As soon as he found the lawbreaker, he would have to return to heaven.
He slid the key into the door.
Someone stood by the window, seemingly oblivious to the blond hunter.
Dark hair fell upon graceful shoulders.
Beneath the shoulders there were marks on his back.
But nothing more than shadows.


“Lawbreaker,” the hunter hissed; his muscles tightened and his eyes glowed.
Would it attack?
He was ready.
He heard his name and the lawbreaker began to turn towards him.
“I’m so sorry…”
“Don’t move!” He snarled, harsh and grating.
“Where’s the boy!? What have you done with him!?”
“Let me explain…” He started to turn again.
He stopped where he stood, shaking.
He turned.


The tears flowed down his face.
“I’m so…”
“It – ”
They stood, facing each other. The boy smiled.
“Will you kiss me?”
The hunter wanted to /hurt/ him. How could he be…?
“I knew it was you,”
He looked up at haunted violet eyes. What was the boy saying?
“I /knew/ you were the hunter,”
He didn’t want to reply, but…
“Why did you stay?”
“I love you,”
He moved to sit on the bed.
“Now what do I do?”
He asked the boy who sat down next to him and stroked his shoulder.
“You can yell at me,”
“I don’t want to yell…”
The boy shrugged.
“You can touch me,”
“I have a job… If I don’t do it, I –”
“You can kill me,”
The hunter said nothing and the lawbreaker nuzzled his neck.
The boy was gone.


He awoke to a pressing weight and a silver blade.
“Here,” The boy said, handing him a sharp knife from Ruler-knows-where.
“What am I supposed to do…?”
He was silenced with a kiss.
In a few seconds, the dagger was forgotten on the bedside table and he had the boy on his back – for once fully bare under the pale moonlight. Heated kisses spread fire across his chest, his stomach, his – /Ah/ –
The only thing that broke the peaceful silence was his harsh, uneven breathing and the occasional staccato shouts. The hunter’s warm tongue buckled him and his lips made him cry out. He was undoing him with nothing but his mouth.
The lawbreaker opened his eyes when he felt the hunter move. Tense legs were raised and fingers – more than fingers – were inserted. Soon, pleasure flashed across his delicate features…
They moved in tandem and moaned each others’ names to the sky; the sky that was far away and everywhere and in which the Ruler lived…
…There was a silvery flash and blood spurted – like release – hot and sweet over the sheets. The boy's eyes dimmed and his lover went to him, holding him until the pain that was no longer pleasure subsided.


He looked to his hunter from the throne.
“The deed is done, I see.”
The hunter said nothing. Instead, he held the lawbreaker closer to his stained shirt. The boy was cold… as cold as when they first met, that fateful, rainy night. Blood stained the floor where he stood.
“Congratulations on a job completed,” Said the Ruler, “You are excused.”
The hunter remained where he was.
“Did you not hear me?”
The hunter nodded.
“Then leave!”
He shook his head and caught his breath. Stared. Sighed…
“Beg your pardon?”
He leered at the hunter.
“Because.” He signaled a servant for a glass of wine.
No no no
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