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If you were Me

(by Dreamweaver Maiden) Sitting under an old willow tree near a lake, a Boy with light brown hair and jade green eyes, reading a book of mystery.His name is Jade Stone Elven, he had this look on his face like I have a secret, but his secret was already known to his friends, and only his family didn't know that his secret. His secret was that he was gay and he was proud of it. The only reason his family didn't know was because all his life he dated girls to impress his parents but now he could careless if they knew, he was joining his friends and his brother and sister at Athan Rune. He set down his book and looked out over the mist covered water at the waterfall in the distance and thought to himself this is the true me.1

An hour later he was walking into his parents house up to his room and packed his things for Athan Rune, walked over to his dresser and picked up a picture of his twin sister Sage ,younger brother Destin, his best friend Derick and Him, but his friend was killed last year in a car wreck and his friend was like him, and Jade was in love with him and never got the chance to tell him. Man did Jade miss him . Then he put the picture in his bag and went down stairs to were his Parents were to tell them the things he had to say. His Father told him to leave, so Jade did. Jade went to the bus stop and caught the bus to his twin sister's apartment . In truth Jade was hurt by his fathers harsh words to him. When Sage opened the door "Jade? what ar...." he lifted his face to meet her gaze" Oh Jade come in, let me take that and you go sit in the living room and I'll get you some thing." They walked into the living room but Jade toke her arm and said,"Never mind that now Sage I want to tell you something."They set down on the couch and he told her want had happened with their parents. Sage looked at him and said "Jade I would never judge you like that." She pulled him into her arms and hugged him , he hugged her back.2

The next day they met up with their friends at Athan Rune on the First day of school, after their classes they all met up where the group Pagan Born practiced, Jade told Sage he liked Athan Rune and no one cared what he was that they accepted him, "Jade see I told you that you would love it here." She told him, "yep Sis I got to hand it to you your the best sister a guy like me could ask for."he said as he hugged her. "Yep that's my job." she said as she patted his chest.Then she turned and walked back to their friends , he watched his sister go ,he thought to himself ' now if I can find a caring man like her I would be set.' He smiled when her friends and her started to practice their song Blessed Be.

The next day a man named Nathanial Ray Renalds came to the school and he was walking toward the library and looked up at how big it was, then he noticed this guy siting in the window on the second floor reading, 'that guy is hot, but I bet he is as straight as rod.' he thought to himself. Then walked into the library without giving it another thought.Jade saw him when he walked onto the second floor and felt his heart jump. But Jade tried to dismiss it he is probably straight he thought but d*mn he is cute. He grinned ahh nothing wrong with looking so his gaze followed him covertly. Jade was so intrigued by his looks, his smile that spread over his lips. When Nathan found a book he liked. His Hair was a dark brown and his eyes brown, He looked like his friend Derick , but this guy was taller,After a while of looking for a book and finding the right one he walks around the corner and find the guy from the window turning away from him , He had a feeling he was watching him, but that would mean that he like guys, Nathan thought to himself, it would be nice if he was. So Nathan walked up to Him, "Hi ,I need help , I am new here can you help me." Nathan asked him with a smile. Jade turned around thought that he knew he was watching him, the smile on his face said it all. "Sure I can help you." Jade said with a meek smile."May I ask your name?" "My Name is Nathan and yours?" "Jade, its nice to meet you Nathan." Jade put out his hand and Nathan toke it ,wow nice hands Jade thought, "Follow me and I'll show you where the dorms are." he said walking down the stairs . Once at the Dorm's common room , Nathan sat in one of the overstuffed chairs, Jade sat on the sofa next to his chair. Nathan was the First to speak,"Jade may I ask why you were watching me in the Library?" Jade wasn't shocked by his question, then said,"Well you have to know I am gay and I like you but I was thinking you were Straight ." Jade didn't try to hide what he is from him because ever since he left his parents home he felt free to be himself. Nathan smiled," You thought I was straight, I know its a common miss conception with me, but I am to." Jade nearly fell off the sofa when he said that. 'yes' Jade thought to himself. "That's good to know."Jade replied."Yeah it is." Nathan said with a sigh of relief.

Over the Next few weeks Jade and Nathan became great friends, One day while watching Pagan Born play, Jade asked Nathan if he would like to meet his sister. Nathan asked where was she. Jade pointed to the girl on the stage playing the bass. "That's your sister?!" he exclaimed looking up at the girl playing the bass, "Wow, you have sister who came play the bass." Jade just nodded. Later on Jade and Nathan were back at the dorm's common room, Jade was getting them something to drink in the kitchen, when Nathan comes up behind him and wraps his arms around him. Jade is shocked by this. "Nathan?" he asks "Yes?" he asked as he turned him around. "Jade I have to ask you before we go any further, Do you like me?" "Why of course Nathan I like you."then Jade turned away to hide the tears that were forming in his eyes. Nathan touched Jade's shoulder, "Jade I have fallen in love with you, from the moment I saw you reading in the window." Nathan came around to stand in front of Jade. Then he saw a tear slide down his cheek,"Jade what is it?" he asked as he toke hold of Jade's shoulder and with the other hand he lifted he face to meet his beautiful jade eyes. Jade uncrossed his arms and wrapped his arms around Nathan. "I have fallen in love with you to." Nathan wrapped his around him as he said that. "That's what I wanted to hear." Nathan told him as he pulled back and kissed Jade full on the lips passionately.Jade deepened the kiss and tighten his arms around him. They broke the kiss and just stood there holding one another. Jade was Happier than he had ever been, there in Nathan's arms he felt safe, warm, and Loved and that's where he wanted to stay.
Do You dare to play with him?
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