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The Seduction of James Ribbon

(by WolfTales) Frankie was drying dishes while Ribbon washed. Frankie liked this arrangement. He could observe his friend without the need to conceal his actions. Jimmy was telling him about Native American families, including the nuclear family, nearby relatives and relations by marriage. Probably very interesting to another indian, but what did it have to do with Chicago? 3

Still . . . it gave him a chance to watch Jimmy move. His shirt was tight across his shoulders. The movement of his arms causing the muscles to ripple. Frankie wanted to turn Jimmy around and wrap his arms around him, running his hands up to those shoulders, kneading the muscles . . .4

". . . bison were hunted in the summer and . . . " 5

'I can think of one way,' thought Frankie, 'to quiet that mouth.' Frankie thought in great detail what to do with that mouth, those generous lips, having them move down Frankie's cheek to his throat --6



"Are you all right? You look flushed."9

"No. Yes. I'm fine. So -- ready? That Buffalo lecture starts in 40 minutes. We really can't be late."10

"It's okay, Frankie. They really can't start without me."11

Frankie thought for a minute, 'Oh yeah, Jimmy was giving the talk.'12

The afternoon passed quickly. Frankie did find it interesting and found several cultural parallels to the Italian's way of doing things. He'd have to discuss this with Jimmy later.13

Frankie pulled the SUV into a spot around the corner and they walked back to Jimmy's building. Going up the stairs, Frankie found his eyes just about even with the back of Jimmy's jeans. He started thinking thoughts best left unsaid. 14

" . . . I really do need to shower before we eat. What are you in the mood for tonight, Frankie?"15

'I'm in the mood for you. Run my hands down those shoulders, to the small of your back, pull you close, slip my hands down the back of those jeans, feel the smooth, rounded --'16

"Frankie . . . are you sure you're feeling well?"17

Not trusting his voice, Frankie could only nod. Jimmy opened the door. "I think I'd like something Italian tonight." 18

Frankie groaned and closed his eyes.19


Frankie was sitting half slumped on the couch. Hands folded over his belly button. Eyes closed. Smile on his face, deep in thought about his best friend. Jimmy emerged from the bedroom, towel drying his hair. He had pulled his jeans on, but hadn't bothered with buttoning them yet. 21

"If you're not up to going out, we could just order a pizza. There's salad makings and soda in the fridge . . . "22

Frankie had opened his eyes. He took in the beautiful body standing before him. The wide bare chest gently sloping to that flat stomach, narrow hips. His eyes rested at the vee where the tight jeans hadn't been buttoned yet. He *was* hungry. 23

Jimmy turned his back on Frankie, picked up his shirt and pulled it on in one motion, he was buttoning it when he turned back. "Frankie. Make a decision. What are we going to do tonight?" Finished with the buttons, he reached behind and began tucking his shirt in, moving his hand to the front, then the other hand repeating the process on the other side, Jimmy buttoned up.24

Frankie looked up at his friend. "Jimmy, sit down for a minute." Frankie scooted over making room for Jimmy, and also turned to be able to half - face Jimmy at the same time.25

"What is it, Frankie?" The concerned Jimmy asked.26

Not sure how to phrase what he wanted, he just said, "This." and slowly moved his head until his lips were near Jimmy's. Neither one closed his eyes as Frankie's lips brushed across Jimmy's. Frankie pulled back, waiting. 27

Jimmy raised his fingertips and touched his own lips. His eyes still fastened to Frankie's. "We can stop, if you want, Jimmy." Frankie said softly. 28

"No. . . I believe I'd like to try that again."29

Frankie moved his head once again and pressed his lips to Jimmy's, holding it a little longer before moving away again. Jimmy turned his head away and sat that way for a moment. Frankie was slightly surprised when Jimmy turned back and said, "Perhaps one more."30

Frankie obliged him. Pressing his lips to Jimmy's and slipping his tongue across Jimmy's teeth. Jimmy hesitated a moment, then opened his mouth to allow Frankie more area to explore. He closed his eyes and moved his hand to Frankie's cheek. Frankie took this as a positive sign and relaxed a little into Jimmy. He moved his hand from the back of the couch and placed it behind Jimmy's head. His other hand was still braced on the arm of the couch.31

He broke the kiss, but instead of pulling back, he reconnected, kissing deeper, firmer. Jimmy moved his hand to the back of Frankie's neck, pulling him hard against him. Frankie moved his knees onto the couch, turning his body into a more comfortable position. He moved slowly, not wishing to break the kiss, nor scare Jimmy off. Jimmy pulled from the kiss, then moved back in again. Frankie took advantage of Jimmy's move and moved his hand from Jimmy's neck to the first button on Jimmy's shirt. Jimmy quickly broke the kiss. 32

"I think we should go to dinner."33

Frankie cursed himself silently. "Jimmy, I don't want to do anything you don't want to do. The kissing seemed all right with you." He waited for a moment, giving Jimmy the chance to back out if he wanted. Jimmy was listening. "So the kissing is okay with you." Jimmy nodded. "Then let's try it some more." Jimmy nodded again. "But you can see . . . I'm not in a comfortable position, Jimmy." Jimmy turned a little more toward Frankie and waited. Frankie moved into a better attack position. "I want you to call the shots. You tell me when you want me to stop. I will. I won't do anything you don't want me to do." Jimmy nodded again, eyes looking at Frankie were full of trust. 34

Frankie thought the kissing was progressing rather nicely. Both were fully involved, both breathing heavy. Frankie moved his lips to Jimmy's neck. Jimmy's arms tightened around Frankie, holding him in place. Frankie whispered, "It's still just a kiss, Jimmy. Just on the neck. Try it. I'll stop if you want." Frankie moved his lips to Jimmy's neck and kissed. He was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from Jimmy. "Okay, Frankie. The neck's fine."35

Frankie began exploring every inch of available skin he could reach. He moved to the base of Jimmy's throat and licked the hollow area. Jimmy pushed Frankie slightly away. "It's all right, Jimmy." He moved back to Jimmy's lips to start again. Before long, Frankie had returned to that soft spot and managed to get a couple of buttons open to boot. Frankie moved his hand to his own shirt and quickly undid all of his buttons, then moved back to Jimmy's right shoulder, kissing the area where neck and shoulder joined and worked his way to the end of the shoulder. He loosened another button. Jimmy tensed, Frankie moved back to his face, gently lulling Jimmy until he relaxed once more.36

Frankie was back up on one knee, head buried in the nape of Jimmy's neck, he moved his hand inside Jimmy's shirt and ran his finger's over the right side of his chest. Jimmy's hands were inside Frankie's shirt, pulling him closer. Jimmy made a small moaning sound, then realized what was happening. He pushed at Frankie. "Stop. Stop, Frankie." He pulled himself back so quickly, Frankie almost collapsed. It took Frankie a moment to bring himself under control.37

"I'm sorry, Jimmy," he reached out and gently cupped Jimmy's jaw with one hand, running his thumb back and forth across Jimmy's flushed cheek. Jimmy covered Frankie's hand with his to stop the movement. He needed time to think about this. Frankie knew when to stay quiet. Knew he could be told they had gone far enough. Jimmy gazed deeply into Frankie's eyes. Slowly he moved Frankie's hand back to his chest. "Are you sure, Jimmy?" Frankie whispered, not wanting to break the mood. 38

Jimmy slowly undid the rest of his buttons, untucking his shirt at the same time. Frankie moved his hands under Jimmy's shirt, pulling it off of his shoulders, letting it drop behind Jimmy onto the couch. 39

Frankie cautiously removed his own shirt, letting it slide to the floor. He waited, wanting to see if Jimmy would commit himself. He wasn't disappointed. Jimmy moved his hands across Frankie's chest, one going in each direction, slowly moving to Frankie's back. He pulled Frankie to him, bare chest to bare chest and held him. 40

Jimmy trembled slightly, Frankie was glad Jimmy couldn't see his face. He was smiling the smile of success. 41

In one well practiced move, Frankie placed one arm around Jimmy, the other snagged the cushion from the end of the couch and put it behind Jimmy then braced himself with that hand on the couch and used his body to push Jimmy into a prone position. Frankie moved one knee between Jimmy's legs and pressed his full body against Jimmy, head buried in his neck. He waited letting Jimmy get used to the position, then raised his head to kiss Jimmy. "I do love you, Jimmy." 42

Frankie started over again. Moving his lips over Jimmy's. Kissing his throat, bringing Jimmy back to the heights of earlier passion. When Frankie knew the time was right, he guided Jimmy's hand to the front of his pants. Jimmy's hand fluttered back to Frankie's chest. Frankie continued kissing him, smothering his face and neck with his lips. He captured Jimmy's hand again and moved it back into place. Jimmy left it there this time, his fingers grasping and squeezing through the cloth. 43

"Jimmy . . . Jimmy." Frankie whispered, letting his passion over power his judgment. His hand slid down Jimmy's stomach and expertly unbuttoned the jeans. Jimmy spoke into Frankie's mouth, tearing his face away, "Wait." He pushed his head into the nape of Frankie's neck, breathing heavily through his mouth. 'Wait.' Not 'stop' but 'wait'. Not daring to move, Frankie held the ground he had covered. 44

Jimmy was trying to bring himself to a decision and knew that he was losing the squirmish. He thought this had gone far enough. Unfortunately, his body didn't agree with his mind. He felt like a school girl caught in the back seat of a Chevy. He did want this. He did want Frankie. He trembled beneath Frankie. He withdrew his hand from the front of Frankie's pants. 45

Frankie kept his eyes closed, under control now. Hoping against hope. Jimmy moved his other hand from Frankie's lower back, breaking all contact with Frankie, except for his face still pressed tightly against Frankie's neck. Frankie started to move away from Jimmy "Wait." whispered again.

Jimmy needed both hands to unbuckle Frankie's belt, then to unfasten the levis. Without hesitation, he hooked thumbs into the slacks and underwear and pushed them past Frankie's hips.

Frankie raised up to his knees and tugged at Jimmy's jeans, as he stood up, his pants fell around his shoes. He toed out of one, then the other loafer and finished pulling Jimmy's jeans off all at once. He hurriedly covered Jimmy with his own body. Skin molding to skin. Jimmy was trembling so hard he couldn't speak. He wrapped his arms around Frankie, Frankie held him and waited for Jimmy to calm down.

Frankie wanted Jimmy's full cooperation and permission, he whispered, "We can stop, Jimmy. Just tell me. I'll stop." Jimmy bit his bottom lip and shook his head. "Does that mean stop? Tell me, Jimmy." Frankie pressed his hips against Jimmy's, pleading his case.

"Don't stop." was barely audible.

Frankie's arms circled Jimmy's shoulders, pulling him hard against him. Jimmy's hands hovered over Frankie's back, finally moving to Frankie's hips. His hands pulled Frankie to him as Frankie thrust against Jimmy's waiting hips. They quickly established a rhythm, Frankie sought and found Jimmy's mouth. He kissed him, sealing it against any future protests.

[we skip ahead, fair readers, to give the guys a little privacy

Frankie collapsed onto Jimmy. Both exhausted, sated.

He lay there as reality washed over him. He played back the words Frankie had used, the tactics he had employed. He held his position for a brief moment before he dislodged his hands from Frankie. Suddenly, he twisted his body and pushed Frankie at the same time, sending Frankie plummeting to the floor. "Jeez, Jimmy. What ya do that for?"

Tight lipped, Ribbon picked up his pants and pulled them on without locating his underwear first. His eyes scanned the floor and found his shirt half under Frankie. He pulled -- hard -- on it, sending Frankie further along the floor.

"Jimmy --" that's all he got out. Ribbon picked up Frankie's slacks and threw them at Frankie, barely missing his face. "You sure are taking this hard. Can we at least --" Frankie had started crawling over to Ribbon.

Jimmy pointed his index finger at Frankie. "Just stay away. I mean it."

"I asked you, Jimmy. I asked you more than once."

"I don't *belieeeve* you. This is supposed to vindicate you? You asked? -- YOU ASKED?!? I DON'T THINK SO?!?" Jimmy started buttoning his shirt. Frankie put his trousers on and stood to pull them up. Jimmy refused to look at Frankie. Frankie kept glancing at him while he picked up the remainder of the clothes and his shoes. He offered Jimmy his underwear, which were snatched from his fingers and stuffed quickly into Jimmy's front pocket. Jimmy placed his palm in the center of Frankie's chest and half guided, half pushed him to the door, then out. Closing it behind Frankie and the bundle he held.

A while later, Frankie returned. He opened the door and peeked in. Jimmy wasn't to be seen. He took the box to the kitchen and put it down. Jimmy walked out of the bedroom, toweling his hair dry, wearing just his jeans and clearly nothing under it. "I used *all* the hot water. It's all yours."

"You still mad, Jimmy?"

Jimmy opened the box and examined the pizza. "No. It just wasn't fair the way you went about it. *You* got me worked up to the point where I couldn't say no." Jimmy took two sodas from the refrigerator, shook one up and tossed it to Frankie. "You suckered me in to it. Just like you sucker those poor slobs you arrest. . 'just tell me and I'll stop . . '” he mimicked. "I could hardly remember my name by that point . . . except you kept whispering it to me."

"What about you. You teased me all day."

"Did not."

"Did too." Frankie ticked them off on his fingers. "The jeans. You left them open on purpose. The button shirt. The *way* you tucked it in. *I* followed you up the stairs? I usually get in here before you do. And! And the 'I'd like something Italian tonight.' " Frankie batted his eyes in imitation.

Jimmy finally had to smile.

"Well, Jimmy, I told you we couldn't even last 24 hours without making love."
"We didn't even get through ten hours, Frankie . . . Besides, *that* wasn't making love, *that* was seduction."

Frankie laughed at him, followed by a kiss to those pouting lips. "I'll write it up on a report in the morning." Frankie headed for the shower. "We can call it: The Seduction of James Ribbon."

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