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Morning Final

(by mooseyx3) His tongue forced its way down Zach’s deep throat causing him to moan. The vibrations against Eric’s tongue cause his erection to grow. Zach felt it pressing against his thigh and playfully thrust into the clothed hardness. Eric moaned and shuddered at the sensation. He could feel Zach growing harder as his hands ran up his back and chest. They separated for a moment to strip themselves of their binding shirts.

Zach plunged his tongue back into Eric’s mouth and ran his hands through his messy hair. Eric’s arms were around Zach, holding their warm bodies as close together as was possible. Their hips were grinding into each other, causing one another to moan.

Eric lowered his arms down Zach’s back to the waist of his jeans. He gently slipped his hands in. He greedily groped Zach’s tight muscular butt before sliding his hands around front on both side and gently grabbing Zach’s hardened penis.

Zach broke the kiss to let out a moan. He thrust into Eric’s hands, wanting more. Eric slowly pulled his hands upward and smiled when Zach let out a small whimper. Zach’s hands flew to the fly on Eric’s jeans. He tugged at the button and gently pulled down the zipper. The pants fell to Eric’s ankles. He was pleased to see Eric decided to go commando for their date. He exposed Eric’s full length, gently massaging it. He felt it grow even harder in his hands as Eric moaned deeply.

Zach pulled away from the kiss and dropped to his knees. He gently blew on the tip of Eric’s erected cock, soaked in pre-cum, as his hands rubbed Eric’s inner thighs and testicles. His own cock grew harder seeing and hearing how turned on his lover was. Eric shuddered at the coolness. His hips involuntarily thrust slightly, begging Zach for release.

Zach opened his mouth enough for just the head of Eric’s staff to slip in. He gently sucked it, running his tongue over every bit, again and again. After a moment, he opened his mouth wider and allowed Eric’s entire cock in. It hit the back of his throat and he couldn’t help but moan. There was a sigh of relief from Eric as Zach gave him what he wanted.

Eric grasped Zach’s hair, pulling his head closer to him. He began to carefully thrust down Zach’s throat. Zach made love to Eric’s erection with his tongue and massaged his balls. He gently scraped his teeth along Eric’s length. Eric pulled Zach’s hair slightly causing a deep moan from Zach’s throat. Eric nearly exploded at the sensation of the vibrations. He pulled Zach’s hair again in hopes he would moan again. He did. This time deeper and longer. Eric’s body tensed up and the pressure became too much. He closed his eyes tight, held onto Zach’s hair for dear life and let his load go deep in Zach’s throat. Zach eagerly swallowed Eric’s precious cum, loving every moment of it.

Eric dropped to his knees so he was level with Zach. He wrapped his arms around him and pulled him in tight for a passionate kiss. His tongue explored Zach’s mouth more than usual, tasting himself in every crevice. He loved the taste of himself on his lover.

Eric’s hands gently undid Zach’s pants and pushed him down to his knees. Zach pulled his mouth from Eric’s for a moment, holding his hand up. Eric knew what was coming and gladly sucked Zach’s fingers for him. They resumed their passionate kiss. Zach’s hand crept around Eric’s back and found his hole. His fingers danced around it for a moment before he poked one in. Eric moaned some at the feeling.

Zach pushed his finger in further, thrusting it in and out. This burned Eric some, but pleasured him more. Zach soon pushed in another finger, preparing his lover for his entry. Zach had impressive girth and had to prepare Eric well so he wouldn’t hurt him…much. He pushed a third finger in and twisted them around, widening Eric’s hole as much as he could. Eric moaned in pain.

Zach pulled his fingers back, as well as his mouth. He told Eric to lay down. Eric first submersed Zach’s hard cock with his mouth, sucking it gently and tasting the pre-cum. This took Zach by surprised and invited unexpected moans. Eric pulled back, being sure to leave plenty of natural lubricant. He laid back and angle his hips, ready for Zach’s entry. He was already beginning to feel aroused again.

Zach climbed over Eric, kicking his pants off the rest of the way. He held his body above Eric’s for a moment, refusing to enter him just yet. He kissed him deeply and slowly entered Eric’s hot, tight hole. Eric’s hole burned with the wide entry and he moaned in pain. Little pleasure filled him, but he knew it would get better. And it did. Zach gently pulled back and slowly thrust back in. When Eric’s moans were made up of more pleasure than pain Zach entered faster, rougher, and harder.

He began thrusting faster and faster. Both men moaned uncontrollably. Eric’s penis began to harder again as Zach hit his sweet spot over and over with more and more force.. Zach punctured Eric’s heat again and again. Pressure began to build angrily and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold off. Eric reached down and began to stroke his now fully-erected cock between their bodies. He stroked slowly at first, but soon quicken to the pace that Zach kept up. Zach felt himself growing near, knowing he couldn’t hold it much longer. He grabbed Eric’s cock and began to stroke it roughly with Eric.

Eric felt himself giving in again. His body tensed, his tight muscle around Zach’s throbbing piece grew even tighter around it as Eric pumped himself dry, unloading himself on his and Zach’s abdomens. This pushed Zach over the edge. His eyes rolled up and he shot a fiery load of cum deep in Eric’s hole. He collapsed on his lover, catching his breath. Their chests heaved up and down almost to the pace that they made love.

When Zach had the energy, he lifted himself some, pulling out of Eric, and kissed him gently. He lay beside Eric for a moment before Eric leaned over and very seductively cleaned Zach’s front side. He loved the taste of himself on his lover.
Hilarious Birds
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