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(by JustynC) ]"What are you doing here !" a woman bellowed.

They turned towards the voice and Tyler felt his whole body freeze . His father stood firm, his dark sunken eyes showing lack of sleep and perhaps drinking.

He wants nothing to do with you. Get out of here! she shouted.

Sam Norris and John Parent were close by holding each other as Mr.Case told Jason to call the Phoenix Police.

Oh I’ll leave in a bit the man mocked as he walked towards Tyler and Justyn. Tyler gulped in air as his grip on Justyn became stronger. Justyn just held him tighter as if saying it was going to be all right.

So you're the one who my son is in love with? You sure fooled me. What's wrong Justyn a cheerleader bite your d*ck? It doesn't surprise me the little sh*t there is a cocksucker. Tyler saw John advance with an angry look on his face but stopped him with a stare.

John Parent being raised in a small town called Graceville in northern Minnesota was a big strong handsome man. He was always kind and friendly but he was also the type that you hope you didn't p*ssoff and those who did regretted doing so. Tyler knew John could rip his father's head off and sh*t down his neck with little effort. Dad I'm sorry you can't understand how I feel Tyler said seeming unafraid. He was terrified but he couldn't show it. I'm gay and you can't change that. I wouldn't want to change even if I could. I love him. Please just let us be. I think it’s best you leave NOW! Justyn said threateningly. Please leave them alone! Mrs. Sullivan begged with tears in her eyes.

I want you to leave and I assume this is the last time I’ll see you Tyler said showing no emotion. His father held his position and his dark laugh scared Tyler.

I always knew,in the back of my mind I always knew you were gay. I always thought I could change that but I guess I can't His words weren’t loud but his expression showed his anger. I'm sorry I couldn't do my job properly boy but I'll fix that for you he snarled as he pulled out a gun. A Ruger Security-Six 357. Magnum Revolver!

A thousand thoughts flooded Tyler's mind as he broke out of Justyn's hold. His only concern at that moment was his love’s safety. I have to protect Justyn! I...BAM......BAM....BAM...

Three shots rang out in front of the Case residence in the normally quiet neighborhood in North-West Phoenix.

Three times Tyler's body shook. He was falling. Thoughts rushed through his mind. This isn't too bad. Is this what dying is like? All I feel is this pressure around me. It doesn't hurt much and long as I saved Justyn I don't care what happens to me. His heart pounded as if it were in his ears. Tyler realized his eyes were sealed shut. He opened them not shocked to find what was before him. Nothing..Darkness..He knew his eyes were open but darkness was all he could see.

Am I already dead? That was fast Slowly he noticed little things. He noticed the pressure around him never seem to release. He noticed how his breathing was short and difficult. He noticed a scent. The scent of Justyn seemed to find him even at the moment of his death. He then noticed specks of light at the corners of his eyes. Finally gathering his senses, he realized he was still standing.

The pressure around him wasn't from being shot. He knew this feeling. This feeling was familiar like he was in his lovers arms. He pulled his head back the light around him seemed to get brighter. As he pulled his head away the beating sound began to fade. Fear and anguish struck Tyler. His breath was ragged his vision blurred as he slowly looked up his heart cried out as he found the face of his lover, smiling down at him. His body was being held gently by the only love in his life.

Hey Justyn whispered are you ok? Wetness stung Tyler's face. His lover grinned despite the pain he felt throughout his body. The ragged breathing was not Tyler’s. In his lover's arms he felt Justyn struggle to remain standing. Tyler shook his head, denying the truth hoping to change what was happening. No....... Tyler groaned. Justyn released his lover as he fell to one knee holding his side as harsher pain enveloped him. Tyler fell with him and held his shoulders. He encircled his arms around Justyn's back and shuddered as he felt the wet proof that confirmed his fears.

Holding Justyn close to himself he whispered in his ear you're gonna be okay babe. Hold on. Please don't let go you're going to be ok.

Justyn weakly smiled and cringed as pain stabbed at his back. Just trying to open his mouth seemed to rip his sides apart. Lay me down please..I can't do it on my own Justyn whispered with his eyes closed. Tyler eased Justyn onto his back seeing pain on his precious face and looked around for help but much movement was happening around him. People were shouting, yelling. John stood fiercely over Alan Sullivan anger and sadness mixed together in his features for he too loved Justyn Case eventhough John was in his 50's they were tight budz. Mr.Sullivan was on his stomach with several people pinning him down. The man Tyler had called father was laughing, a glimmer of insanity marking his eyes.

Tyler turned back to the boy who trembled in his arms it's okay Justy. You're going to be okay. Justyn simply stared at him and shook his head. No Ty… I.... He felt like cursing at him. He had to hold on he couldn’t let go. Damn you Justy! Don't say that! I know my body best Ty. No... he begged you can't do this! you can't leave me! Tyler, God you're so perfect. I love you so much. Justyn reached up and brushed his lovers face be strong everything's going to be okay You're going to be okay. Justyn's body shook again as more pain surged through it.

Justyn..don’t, we promised to be together until the end. Please don't leave me alone Tyler cried out. Having the man he loved so much ripped out of his life would be too much for him to bear. We have to finish school still, we’ll grow old together. We’ll watch each sunrise and sunset, Tyler was crying hard now as he felt his lover growing cold. This can't be happening. I- I can feel you getting weaker. Please don't go. I need you. It was as if Justyn was overcoming his pain with a smile. You always were the one to think ahead. You'll do those things Ty you will. I will with you.

Justyn's smile faded into a sad expression. You know... that's not possible right? Tyler brushed Justyn's face with his free hand. You’re not leaving me, you will live he said "live" firmly in hopes that his lover would not give up. Justyn just stared at Tyler his face not flinching from the pain. Ty.. God you mean so much to me. There's so much I want you to know… so much I want to tell you.. There will be plenty of time. Tyler almost forced his words. You will recover and you can tell me.. Listen to me Ty Justyn said with great effort things might be a little different from now on. It's going to be hard… Justy you need to save your strength..

Ty just listen for a sec!! Justyn said with forced anger. Tyler was silenced by his love's command.

Things are going to be different from now on but you're going to be okay My family they'll take care of you…our friends will watch over you I'm sorry I have to do this to you, A hole opened up in Tyler's stomach God Damn it! why did you do it Justy? I didn't ask you to save me Why? He heard his love chuckle. Heh I don't know. My body reacted on its own but I always promised to be your shield remember? I lived up to my word right?

Tyler clamped his eyes shut trying to hold in his emotion. A gentle hand caressed he face. He opened his eyes and saw his boy sadly staring up at him.

I'm sorry I.... Pain momentarily stilled the words that tried to escape. Ty this is sort of selfish for me to ask but can you please smile for me? I want your smile to be the last thing I see. Please smile. Tyler still shook his head hoping that this was all a nightmare. Tears of anguish flowed from his eyes. I'm begging you babe Please just once more...your smile. Justyn coughed each word tearing at his throat. Despite wanting to cry out loud to run up and kill his father,to live the rest of his life with the boy he held in his arms

Tyler struggled to quiet his tears and look down calmly at his lover. No matter how hard he tried to defy fate he realized he was going to lose the one person that meant the world to him. It took all his strength to smile for Justyn. Yet it was all worth it. His lover looked up at him the same glitter in his eyes, the eyes Tyler had fallen in love with. The blue gems seemed to glisten. I'm sorry Ty I'm so scared.. I don't want to leave you. Seeing Justyn in such a pained state Tyler couldn't hold his smile any longer and lowered his lips to Justyn's before he could notice it fade.

He tried to ignore the coolness of Justyn's lips and the shortness of breath of his love in his arms. As Tyler lifted his head, Justyn's eyes were closed but he breathed deeply, and a smile briefly fluttered across his lips. Tyler held Justyn's body close to him as the breathing shortened and just as Justyn released one last breath, Tyler heard the wind whisper, I love you Tyler Jared Sullivan, forever...Watching Justyn's head slowly sag lower Tyler embraced his life, his soul, his everything and screamed at the top of his lungs ..NOOO DONT LEAVE ME...DONT GO...COME BACK ..JUSTYN... PLEase come voice fading as he held his boy in his arms rocking back and fourth crying so hard that his throat was raw and sore..

Trying to call back a departed soul

Tyler whispered endlessly,Come back Justyn..Come me..please don't go but he knew his Angel was on his way to Heaven....

Justyn Christopher Case age 19 born 11-05-85 was dead ...May You Rest In Peace...You will be Missed

Justyn Christopher Case

1985 2005

A young man who lived life as it should be lived

He was a loving son, A best friend, A caring sibling,

and a true companion. A young man who lived life
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