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Blue Couch, Blue Plaid

(by mooseyx3) They lay side-by-side, panting in exquisite ecstasy. Gary thought about what had just happened. He never knew he could get so intimate with another guy. Only hours before he had been a virgin; and only hours ago he had been seduced by his best friend.

It was New Years Eve, and Gary went to stay over at Bruce’s house. The boys were seventeen years old, and had known each other since elementary school. Their freshman year, Bruce told Gary what know other person knew. He deepest secret, and something his family would surely disown him for.

Bruce’s family was out of town for the weekend. Gary and Bruce were in the house all alone. At midnight, they watched the ball drop on television, and Bruce instinctively leaned in to kiss Gary. He quickly realized what he was doing, pushed Gary away, and apologized; ashamed he would do such a thing. Without thinking, Gary grabbed Bruce, pulled him in close, and embraced him with an incredible kiss. He pushed his tongue through his slightly chapped lips, through Bruce’s, and made contact with his tongue. Their tongues intertwined, their saliva mingled, and their lust grew.

As quickly as he had grabbed him, Gary pushed Bruce away. He turned his head, and walked away. Bruce walked up behind him after a moment, and placed his hand on Gary’s shoulder.

“Hey, this doesn’t have to mean anything. Nothing has to change.”

Gary shrugged Bruce’s hand off his shoulder, and walked into the other room. Bruce sat back on the couch, and continued to watch New Year’s parties around the country. Gary stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, questioning himself. What was he doing? He’s straight. He shouldn’t be kissing boys, but he did, and he liked it. He felt closer to Bruce in that moment, than he ever did with any of his past girlfriends. He left the bathroom, and stood beside the couch.

“I’m sorry I freaked out.” He quietly apologized.

Bruce smiled at him, and said it was okay. It was his fault in the first place. Gary sat on the other end of the couch, away from Bruce. They sat in awkward silence; the only sound coming from the quiet TV. Gary caught glances of Bruce’s crotch, and quickly adverted his eyes. After awhile, Bruce noticed Gary’s looks.

“Can I ask you something?” Gary finally broke the silence.

“Of course” Bruce responded.

“How…” Gary was embarrassed, and stumbled over his words. “How did you know? I mean, how did you finally decide you were into guys?” His hands trembled, but not to a noticeable extent.

“I’m not really sure, I guess I just kind of figured, and then experimented.”

Gary moved closer. His hands trembled more, and he was overall more nervous. Bruce noticed his movements, and knew what was coming. After a moment of hesitation, and rethinking, Gary leaned, and passionately kissed Bruce, once again. They embraced each other on the blue couch. Gary realized there was no one else he’d rather spend this night with. Bruce reached for Gary’s shirt, and with his help, pulled it off over his head, revealing a finely thin torso. Bruce laid Gary back on the couch, and pulled off his own shirt. He kissed Gary’s neck, making him move with his soft lips. Bruce began to kiss down Gary’s chest, leaving a small trail of hot saliva.

“Wait…” Gary tried to mutter. Bruce put his finger to his lips and shushed him. Gary was lost in his dark eyes, and said no more.

When Bruce reached the waistline of Gary’s jeans, he playfully bit his stomach, before going to work on his belt. He slowly slid the zipper down, and pulled Gary’s pants down, and off. Climbing to be eyelevel with his crotch, Bruce gently pulled down the blue plaid boxers, revealing a large penis at half-mast. Bruce grinned, and Gary let out a slight moan. He had never been touched like this before. Bruce placed gentle kisses up and down Gary’s staff, being careful not to miss a spot. He gently blew on it, making Gary sigh and shiver with anticipation. Bruce gently sucked on the head, licking around the rim first, and then taking the whole thing in his mouth, back down to his throat. He felt Gary get harder in his mouth, and bobbed his head. Gary moaned silently, and rocked his hips, forcing his cock deeper in Bruce’s throat. With a final thrust and moan, Gary released, spilling hot bodily fluids deep in Bruce’s throat.

Bruce removed his mouth, and smiled. He pulled his pants and boxers off, releasing his member, at full attention. He kissed up along Gary’s stomach, chest, and neck, before kissing his lips again. His cock began to rub against Gary’s, and he thrust at it. They moaned at the friction. With Bruce still on top of him, Gary managed to turnover, revealing his backside to Gary.

Bruce lay completely flat against Gary’s back. Gary could feel his pressing into his back, wanting so badly to enter. Bruce kissed and sucked on Gary’s neck before positioning himself to enter Gary.

“Are you ready?” Bruce asked. Gary nodded.

Bruce gently entered Gary. Gary gently moaned in pain and pleasure. Bruce pulled back and enter slowly again. He continued to enter slowly. When he felt Gary was ready, he slammed into him. His hips slamming into Gary’s, his piece crashing into him like a freight train. Gary moaned loudly. Bruce slammed into him again, even harder. He slammed into Gary harder, and harder, moaning louder and louder. With one last hard thrust, he finally, released his last moan. The ship left the dock and his DNA went from his penis, to inside of Gary.

Gary rolled on his side, allowing room for Bruce to lay beside him on the couch. Gary gently kissed Bruce, and whispered into his ear with a sly smirk. “Now, it’s your turn.”
Too fast, to rough
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