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I Am Evil

(by Angie) “What did you do to her?” Venice shouted at her sister Ecin .

“Nothing much . I just broke her arms , and her ribs , but that was it , so don’t worry . She’s got to be strong , if she has learnt to mess with a street fighter .” Ecin began to answer casually , till her elder sister smacked her hard on the face . “Get back to reality . She’s in the hospital .” Being younger to Venice , Ecin didn’t give herself the right to say or do anything to her .

“Mom has to know this . I can’t control you anymore . Racing your bike on the main street , breaking the traffic rules , risking your own life and other’s too , making a new enemy wherever you go . You weren’t like that Ecin . You’re turning everyone against yourself .”

“Please , Venice ,” She pleaded , “Don’t let mom know all this . What do you want me to do for you in return?”

“You really have changed , Ecin . What can you do for me? Are you even capable of doing anything at all , except of what you do all the day? You’re just a mindless street fighter . Do you even recognize your responsibilities as an eighteen year old? Have you no responsibility at all towards mom? And towards…”

“Okay okay , calm down . She blamed me for having run my bike on the red light .” Ecin answered .

“Oh yeah? And then?” Her elder sister interrupted .

“‘Then’ what?”

“Yeah , ‘then what’?”

“Well , she took up a fight for no reason at all .” Ecin answered .

“Then what?” Venice repeated in a stern tone .

Without saying anything else at all , Ecin ran to her room , throwing her bike’s key on the floor . She didn’t have anything else to say . She couldn’t clarify . It was visibly her fault . She broke the traffic rules and nearly drew the girl close to an accident , because she had to jam the brakes of her car , to save Ecin from that accident . “Are you blind?” The girl shouted at her from her car’s window , and that just made Ecin aggressive . She raced her bike at top speed after her , and stopped in front of her vehicle , blocking her way , and getting her out of it . Ecin had been a dominating fighter , and the other girl had been a weak defender . Dominating with her power , she managed to make her body useless at that moment . She used on her all the strength , and the weapons that she had . There wasn’t a passer by on that road , and not another vehicle , where she left her in that condition . How the hell did Venice get the news then?

Ecin let herself out of the room after five hours , to get out of the house for sometime . But Venice didn’t give her her bike’s key . “You’ve done wrong and the streets aren’t safe for you . Better stay here with me or go back to your room . I’ll get you your dinner there .” She commanded .

Ecin couldn’t fight her . Being her elder sister , she only cared . “I love you , Venice .” She said to her . But Venice didn’t respond to that . She didn’t wish to talk to her . “Go to your room , Ecin ,” She directed again . She had made her elder sister dislike her too . With tears of frustration in her eyes , she ran up to her room and locked herself in it . She remained inside for another two hours , till the clock struck 11pm . Venice didn’t walk up to her room . She didn’t make dinner for her either . So Ecin descended the steps slowly to peep in the kitchen . The light of the kitchen had been put off . So she ran to her sister’s room . But the door was locked , and the light was off , and perhaps she had drifted off to sleep too .

She ran out of the house with more tears and frustration , with no intention of turning homewards that night . But , Glen , her old enemy from the streets turned up that night on his bike . “Last time , you dominated . Save yourself today .” With that , he boxed her down and raced his bike wildly over her legs , leaving her there in unbearable pain . She couldn’t stand or even move , till her sister drove to the point , looking for her . “Oh God!” She exclaimed . Ecin had broken her legs . Venice helped her into the car and drove her to the hospital . There , she was taken into the emergency room , and was given a bed in a room for two patients , as it was the only one available with a vacant bed . The girl she had beaten up mercilessly , lay there asleep , occupying the bed next to hers .

Ecin looked at her beautiful face , forgetting all about her pain . How could she do that? In an instance she felt like killing her own self . The girl was like an innocent little kid , whom Ecin had just fallen in love with . It was burning her , melting her deeply from the inside . So she poured out the agitation for herself on her own handicapped state . Taking the Swiss knife out of her pocket , she stabbed both of her legs , not letting a sound escape from her throat , trying to give herself enough pain to account with the pain she had given to her .

At that very moment , Venice entered the room with a doctor and a nurse . Before she could catch the sight of it , Ecin folded the blood stained knife , slipping it in her pocket again . With the unbearable strain of the pain on her mind , and in her body , she fell unconsciously onto the hospital bed . She dreamt of her beautiful victim , the girl occupying the other bed in the room , that night .

‘How could I do that to you? I wish to kill myself for it . I wish to tell you that I love you . I want to apologize to you . But will you listen to me?’

The next morning , she woke up to find herself in immense pain . It would have left in no time at all , if she just had a single glance of that girl . But her view on her bed had been blocked by the curtain that stood like a divider in between . Though it was to stay drawn only till the visiting hours ended , unless the patient wanted it . Her family members visited her in that time , just like her sister came to visit her , lying to their mother about the actual reason of Ecin’s absence , telling her that she was at a friend’s place .

“I love you , Ecin . I’m sorry , I ignored you .” She said .

“I love her , Venice . I love the girl on the other bed in the room . She’s my victim . She’s the same girl . She doesn’t even know yet , that her criminal is resting in pain in the same room with her . I want to tell her that I love her , Venice .”

It brought tears to Venice’s eyes , and she kissed her sister’s forehead , then turned around to wipe them .

“Does it hurt?” She asked her , and Ecin nodded to a ‘yes’ .

In the half an hour , left of the visiting hours , Venice didn’t say anything else to her sister , but rubbed her right hand softly . After the visiting hours had ended , the curtain was drawn aside again , giving Ecin a clear view to the other girl’s bed . For a minute , the pain and the frustration all left her alone to let her rest in peace , with the view of the girl’s sweet face in front of her eyes . But the moment the eyes of the victim met the eyes of her criminal , she trembled with fear , and tried to move herself back .

“Please don’t kill me . Please don’t…” She pleaded , looking into her criminal’s seemingly devilish eyes .

“I won’t . I can’t . I…” Ecin tried to assure her . But the girl had started sweating . “Please forgive me ,” Ecin pleaded , “Please forgive me . I…” But before she could say anything else , the girl started shaking out of fear and shouted for help . The alarmed nurse rushed into their room and drew the curtain against her view again . She was shifted to another room , and Ecin found the bed next to hers empty , the next time the curtain was drawn aside . And with that , all the pain and the frustration rushed back into her body , in a stronger motion , with a fiercer wave .
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