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Perfect Kiss Underneath The Rain

Kissing those soft precious lips for the first time put my world on pause. Nothing around my dear lover and me was moving. My tongue glides against hers as my hands run up the back underneath of her shirt. The rain is pouring down as we stand in the middle of the road in front of her house. I can’t seem to get enough of the ecstasy she gives me. This was our first kiss, and it was under the stormy sky.

We finally depart from the kiss and she looks into my eyes. My body agonizes for her touch. It’s like she can read my mind as her hands are being placed on my hips underneath my drenched shirt. Wrapping my arms around her neck as I lean in for another kiss, she lets me proceed. Nothing else matters but Kellies lips touching mine and her hands on my body.

The rain is pouring down hard. The lightening strike is what ended this joyful moment and brought me back to reality. I can hear her mother calling for us from the porch. I smile at her and rest my forehead against hers brushing the hair away from her beautiful green eyes. Nothing matters in the world more than Kellie. She is my pride and joy. The one person that I care about more than anyone else and would take a bullet for is my dear love.

“We must go baby. Mom knows we’re together, but she doesn’t want us to get hit by lightening.” She makes the words seem like a dream. Every word that comes from her mouth puts my life in dream mode. We begin to walk up to the house taking our time. She takes my hand in hers and pretends to whisper something in my ear, but instead she nibbles on my earlobe. She has no idea what that does to me. I giggle at her making her mom think she’s telling me a joke.

“You girls are going to get sick if you keep playing in the rain.” Her mother tries to sound concerned. She smiles as we past her entering her warm house. Reaching her room, Kellie has already stripped off her wet shirt and locked the door behind me. Kelli pins me up against the wall as she presses her body against mine. She keeps sending me these agonizing urges to touch her. My hands find her ass while I kiss those perfect lips once again.

Trying to get myself to pull away from our loving kiss I whisper, “Baby, God, you make me so wet.” Biting my bottom lip, her hand reaches down to my throbbing pussy. She slips her hand in my jeans and gently strokes. Moaning with pleasure and titling my head back at the touch of my dear Kellie. Her lips find my awaiting neck. Those lips feel so soft against my skin.

Whispering in my ear, “I wanna f**k you so bad, Tally. Please, can I f**k you?” She pleads with her eyes and her hand. I guess going commando tonight was a good idea. I lie myself down on the bed taking her hand to make sure she comes with me. Sitting me up, Kellie strips off my wet shirt and kisses my chest. I love when her lips touch my skin. She undoes my bra and throws it across the room.

Kellie gently strokes between my legs and with every touch I moan with more pleasure every time. She gently enters two fingers into my wet pussy. Fingering me inside and out she starts kissing my breasts. She kisses around the nipple and makes them more erect than they were before. Thrusting in and out is her specialty. I grip the sheets while arching my back trying not to scream for her mom to hear. “Oh my God Kellie! I’m about to… I’m about to.” I can feel myself tense up around her fingers as she kisses all around my chest and keeps thrusting her fingers into me.

Kissing my neck one last time while she pulls out of me, she licks off my juices from her fingers. Kellie strips off the rest of her wet clothes from outside. We both climb under the covers, completely nude, and cuddle. Knowing we are safe with the door locked, I fall asleep with the sound of Kellie’s heartbeat in my ear. I kiss her chest and drift off to sleep. This was the best sleepover ever, and it all started with a kiss.
Rolling out of bed in the morning
[HOT VIDEO] Rolling out of bed in the morning

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