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Unspoken words

(Written by Stacy) I reach up. I'm trying to grab at something that will never happen. Happiness and love. Two things that will never happen. Oh, I can get close to it, fill it's soft lips, once. But, as usual, it's taken away from me. I'm looking at her all the time. Watching her, making sure she's safe. She's my world, my untouchable world. She knows nothing about my feelings. My feelings for her are wrong. I'm her best friend that as close as I'll ever be to being her girlfriend. My love for is strong, stronger then anything in the world. I don't know how to tell her. I'm afraid that this might ruin her life and I'm also scared because I don't know how she'll react. If she's in her right mind, she'll run or scream, if she isn't, well that another story. She smart and gorgouse. Her long, wavy brown hair. Her blue eyes. It's hard for me not to love her. She can tell that something wrong, but as usual, my lips stay silent. I want her, I need her. I'm a total wreck without her. My pain, only she knows. She know all of my deepest painfullest secrets and hopes, except for one. One that would destoy our world. One that would hurt us both very painfully. At night, I cry, I cry for her, for those like me, and those who don't know how to cry. Sometimes, the tears aren't enough to carry the pain away. That's how the scars appeared, one by one, sometimes alone, are in a group of four. She thinks there normal scratches, everyone does. No one wants to believe that this is the real me. I want to make her believe, I need her to believe. Without her, I would already be dead. many times have I tried. Tried to get those on spoken words out. My love for her only grows and as it does, she grows apart, away from me. We're so different. She, a prep, a girly girl,the one that loves pinks and blues. She always so happy. Me, emo/goth, hangs with the guys most of the time, the one that loves blacks and dark reds and purples. I'm always frowning, unhappy. I try to stay away from her, I don't want to taint her. She's so pure and innocent. I'm tainted, bloodied, and not so innocent as everyone thinks. I listen in my head, those unspoken words. Those unspoken words are the cause of this, the pain, the sadness. Just three unspoken words, ' I love you '.
A Luxury Car
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