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The Second

(by togokite) Jenn’s heart drummed in her chest and her stomach fluttered as her lips connected with Lily’s. The whole night had been amazing, hell more than amazing and Jenn hadn’t had anything like it before. This was only the second time she had been with another woman and Jenn was sold. She just regretted having to go so soon, but as always her work was everything.

Jenn jerked her lips away roughly from Lily’s when she felt an intense pain through her neck.

“I’m sorry Jenn.” Lily whispered as she stared deeply into Jenn’s eyes.

Jenn stared at her lover in confusion and grabbed wildly at the stinging spot in her neck. She nearly threw up when she felt the long plastic cylinder of a syringe sticking obscenely from her neck. She had been betrayed; the sudden realization that she may even have loved Lily made her more ill.

Whatever had been in the needle began to take effect and Jenn stumbled backwards away from Lily, wildly swinging her free arm trying desperately to steady herself. Her head grew heavy and clouded and the room seemed to sway and jump beneath her. When her arm hit a sturdy wooden table Jenn focused on the cool surface clinging to it and fought to keep her legs beneath her.

Jenn shut her eyes tightly willing the room to stop spinning. She opened them just in time to see a clenched fist make contact with her cheek. The shear force of the blow sent her reeling several feet until she crashed painfully to the floor.

“You said you weren’t going to hurt her!” Lily yelled with tears in her eyes.

“Well what’d you think we were going to do with her? Play cards?” One of the thugs laughed cruelly.

Jenn’s mind was flying in a million directions all at once so she didn’t see the brutal kick coming towards her face until it was too late. Jenn’s last thought was of mild surprise that her attacker wore Lugz.

When Jenn finally came crashing back into reality she wished she would fall right back out again. Her entire body screamed in agony. Blood dripped from her nose and a large gash just above her eye, she was a wreck.

She forced herself to take in her surroundings and instantly regretted doing so. She was pinned to a creaky metal chair, her wrists cuffed tightly behind her to the back rest causing her to sit at an awkward vulnerable angle.

A small metal table sat only a few feet away off to her right and was littered with various items all covered in dried blood. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness and the only thing Jenn could see was the thin river of blood leading form herself to a small drain several feet away in the concrete floor.

Jenn knew the risks of her job. It was one thing to hear about it and train for it, but it was something else entirely to be there, at the mercy of the enemy.

“This is what I get for falling in love with a stripper.” Jenn groaned aloud.
Poor Guy
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