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Three gay wishes!!!

Two older, suburban homosexual gentlemen had been living together for a couple of years and were getting bored with their lives. There were looking at knickknacks at a yard sale in the Castro when the first one named Scott, came upon what appeared to be a very rare find. "Look Jim, I just found the most marvelous pot. It`s pretty dirty but I`ll clean it up and it will look fabulous in our den!" Jim agreed and the purchased the pot for just $10. Later Scott decided to dust and clean the pot and to his surprise he discovered after it was cleaned that it was made entirely out of gold!

"Babe come here!" He yelled. Jim came running and Scott continued to polish until POOF! A huge genie appeared in their living room! "Do not be afraid," the genie said. "I am the genie of the lamp and you have freed me from 1000 years of imprisonment. For this I shall grant the two of you a total of three wishes as my thanks." The two stare blankly at the genie, at each other and at the lamp for a few minutes. Finally Jim says, "Do we have to give all three right now?" "No," the genie responds. "I shall give you three days to decide then you shall have to make your wishes." With that the genie disappears. The next day the couple decided that they would each get one wish and would pick the third one together. They decided to first ask for wealth. The next morning when they have awoken Scott found out that he had won $100 million on the lottery, and Jim discovered that he had a distant cousin (The Sultan of Brnei) who has died and left him $500 million. Later that day Scott asked for beauty. When they woke the next morning (in their Beverly Hills Mansion) they were both gorgeous. Jim was a full 6 inches taller, looked 21 again, but was more beautiful than he had ever been at that or any age. Scott lost all his blemishes, 50 lbs, and looked like a Calvin Klein model. Finally it was Jim`s turn to make a wish. But as usual, he couldn`t make up his mind (a problem he`d had all his life) so around midnight on the third day Scott admonished him "to hurry and think of something before it`s too late!" So Jim walked off to think about it. About 5 minutes later, Scott heard a loud banging at the door. "Who is it?" he says. "Open up boy! We gonna kill `ya!" A southern accent replies. Scott looks through the window and is horrified to see men in white robes and hoods on horses burning crosses on his front lawn!

"HONEY! HONEY! COME QUICK! The KKK is outside our door!" Jim came running. "What in the hell are they doing in Beverly Hills? I thought this place was liberal! I`m calling the cops!" Jim says angrily. But the phones are dead because the Klansmen have cut the lines!

"HONEY! HONEY!" Scott screams. "USE YOUR LAST WISH TO MAKE THEM GO AWAY!" "I CAN`T!" Jim screams back as the Klansmen start to knock down the door.


Jim paused briefly and replies, "Because I ALREADY wished that we could be hung like black men!"
Funny moments in football
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