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Angels Among Us

Oh I believe there are angels among us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give.

To guide us with a light of love.

Angels come in many way, shape, and form. I believe that there are angels among us.

I believe each of us has a two guardian angels that watch over us. One angel is someone we know but we do not that they have been appointed our guardian angel and one is gone on to a better place but sent down to watch over us in our darkest hour.

When I was 15 years old, my adoptive family and I had just returned from over-seas from living in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

My family and I stayed at an apartment complex call "Presidential Gardens" in a little section between Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia name "Arlandria".

We got back in the United States in time for summer, so my parents decided it would be good for us to get away and go to a State Park in West Virginia which has cabins, a lake to swim in, and just away from the heck routine of living in a "big city".

Well each of us were allow to invite one friend, and I had a dear friend name, Debra Poole, I wanted to invite.

Well there was only one thing. Debra lived in our old home-town of Bethesda, Maryland. She was unable to attend. So, I had to go without a friend.

Well my family, two sister's, their friends, little brother, and I all arrived in the State Park in West Virginia.

We were assigned a nice little cabin not far from the lake and a community of little stores around it.

The state park was Cakapond State Park.

Well my sisters, their friends, and I decided to go to one of the little stores and instead of taking the long way around we decided to take the short way around which was slighty dangerous.

We had to walk across a d*mn with alge
and green slim all over it. My sisters and their friends managed to get across the d*mn with no trouble. However, when it came to my turn I was unable to cross over the d*mn smoothly.

I had never been blessed with good coordination as I was born with a developemental disability that effects my coordination.

Well I proceeded to slowly cross that d*mn that day and I felt my feet slipping and sliding away. I kept trying to catch myself from falling.

One of my feet slipped and then all of a sudden I felt a presence catch me and help me get over that d*mn safely.

I knew who that angelic presence was.
It was my dear late brother, Larry, who died tragically in an auto accident in August of 1967.

My sisters and their friends were all so glad and my sister said," you almost slipped, but miraciously someone pulled you up and helped you get across this d*mn.

We all knew you it was . It was our brother, Larry, and he was right along our side still watching over us even four years after his tragic death.

Yes, I believe there are angels among us. One living and one sent down to watch, protect, and guide us and finally lead us home.
By Karissa Anne Lowell 
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