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A True Miracle

(By George J. Carroll ) Some might say that the radiation cured her. Be that so, I feel the hand of God was guiding it. When my wife was a few months away from her fifty first birthday, she felt a pain in her left breast. She examined herself and felt a small lump. She told me about it and I advised her to make a rush appointment with her doctor. Her doctor was out of town for a week so she made an appointment for the next day to see the doctors husband, who was also a doctor. Upon her examination the doctor said it would be wise to operate and remove the lump.
My wife wanted a second opinion from her regular doctor. About a week later she visited her doctor who tried to extract some liquid from the lump but it was so hard that she could not pierce it. The doctor advised her to see a specialist and she gave her the name of doctor who specialized in this type of problem.

After visiting the specialist and having xray taken, the results confirmed the lump in her breast.
The doctor advised my wife to go into the hospital and have a biopsy taken to see if the lump was cancerous.
I had to work the day the biopsy was taken but my daughter accompanied my wife to the hospital. It was only supposed to take 15 minutes for the procedure but when the doctor had the tissue examined he found that it was cancerous and that she should have the operation done immediately. My wife gave her consent and the operation was performed. When I got home that afternoon I wondered why my wife was not at home, Within minutes the phone rang. and the doctor explained to me what had happened and was very sorry to inform me that he felt my wife had only two or three months to live. He was unable to remove all of the cancer as it had travelled to far.
I was in total shock, as I had not expected this to happen. It was only supposed to be a biopsy and she would be home. He said that he recommended six weeks of radiation
When I got to the hospital ,my poor wife was trying to put on a smile for me. She took the news bravely and went for the six weeks of radiation. After which she had to do exercises on her left arm . I tried to cheer her up every day and built a sling for her to use in her daily exercises. I said a lot of prayers for her as did all of our children and friends. A year went by and I dreded the examination and xrays that she had to have but thank God nothing showed up and we were over the first hurdle. The doctor was completely amazed. He felt that there was a Divine intervention as he had not seen a case like this in all the years he had been practising. But he warned us that it would take five years before he could be sure that the cancer was arrested. It still made us feel good and we continued to pray for a complete recovery and thank God for the good news. Each year we anxiously awaited the news of her examination and by the grace of God nothing was found. Five years past and still everything was negative. We truly believe this was a miracle and that all of our prayers were answered by God. He gave me my wife back for eighteen more glorious years. She died from complications that developed after open heart surgery when she was sixty nine. Praise God, the power of prayer can not be overstated and I hope this will give any women that faces this problem, to never give up hope.
Bad morning
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