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The light of hope

(By Denise Edwards  )  In the early morning of my day, I discovered that the world is not a bed of roses, nor a meadow of dew-kissed realities.  But a vast combination of deserts and thorn bushes did exist. My life was woven from pain, strife and ignorance.  To avoid the chaos, the burning missles, I hid inside myself.  I wrapped my creative wings around myself, shielding my timid heart in a dark, safe place.  In the afternoon of my day, I developed relationships, some bad and some good.  I placed imprints from these, inside my book of memories, on pages stained with blood, sweat and tears..

       Not until my  midday, did I experience the emotion of love, and it caused my wings to flutter, and a ray of light penetrated my wings, and touched my heart.  But darkness fell, and overshadowed that tiny glimmer.  I have searched blindly in the dark,  feeling my way through life, unable to see where I was going, not knowing where I belonged.

But  in the early evening of my day, where I am now, the light of hope appears over the dark clouds, and my eyes have become focused!  I have grown into a realization, that I had to stumble around until I found my place.  Before now, I didn't know were I should be in my life.
the wings that I tried to open, were not my.  That's why I could not fly.  The place where I once stood, was not the place chosen for me,, that's why I felt I didn't belong.  The shoes that I tried to walk in,  were not my own, that's why I could not move.

     But hope's eternal light shone bright, and directed me.
It revealed to me, that,, there were always my own precious gifts, waiting for me to find them, to discover my own talents, and take ownership of who I am.
I wear my own shoes, and I can run free!
I stand in the place chosen for me, and I belong to a global family of artists, whos voices are know all over the world!
And I now have my own wings,, that I spread and fly and soar!
No matter what time in your life you find your precious gifts, take hold of them, open them and rise up!

I have on the right shoes, and I stand in the right palce, and I'm spreading my own wings.  And yes!, even in my evening, I can still fly, because hope's eternal light shines through, eluminating the way!
Sky Diving Elephants
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