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The Spirit of Christmas

(By Stephanie M Storey-Morant ) It was the night before Christmas, once again, but a celebration was not in the plans. For me and my family could not celebrate, what I thought made the season so great. There was no money for all that stuff. Mom just never made enough. To buy us gifts or a tree with lights, but Mom had a way to make things right. She’d say it’s not about that anyway, it’s to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. So every year she’d wrap a dolly tight and lay it out on Christmas Eve Night, and then we’d say a prayer and leave the baby Jesus lying there. But this year why couldn’t we pray that the Christmas Spirit would come and play. Cause I’ve been told that he comes sometimes and leaves gifts, candy and trees behind. So before we laid down one Christmas Eve night, I held all my siblings tight and they fell asleep without a care as Christmas songs filled the air. Once they were fast asleep, I walked to the window with quiet feet, and glanced out into the starless night, and not one snowflake to make things right. No Christmas snow covered the ground, so not one snowman would be found. Just a little snow might have brought us Joy, even if we didn’t get a toy. I wanted Christmas to be a better day, and I wanted my siblings to have toys for play. But things would be the same this year, for there would be no holiday cheer. Glancing out the window I said a prayer, it was a selfish one, but I didn’t care, Cause I wanted this Christmas to be just right, so it was my only chance for it was Christmas Eve night. I prayed that the baby Jesus would bring us Joy and a house full of our favorite toys, with a tree with lights and lots of bells and stockings, cookies and candy canes as well. I loved the baby Jesus but I wanted one chance, to hold a gift with my name in my hands. So I looked upon the dark gloomy sky, and sat motionless and began to cry. But when the teardrops fell and hit the floor, they lit their way over to the door, and I followed them with quiet feet, I had never seen anything so strange, but neat. Downstairs I followed the fallen tears being careful so my sisters wouldn’t hear. They danced and skipped down each stair, over to the baby Jesus and landed there. Then all of a sudden the baby cried and opened up His blanket wide. I peered in and what did I see, but a golden star, shining up at me. I picked up the star and held it up high and suddenly, I no longer wanted to cry. So I picked up the baby and danced around the room. Soon gladness overshadowed the gloom. The room lit up as I started to sing, then angles came in carrying things. They carried a Christmas tree with bows and bells, with stockings and candy canes as well; they filled the room with colorful lights, and soon brought in brand-new bikes. They even fixed Turkey with stuffing and Yams with potato salad and spiral sliced ham. It was more than I could ever hope for. It was the Spirit of Christmas and so much more. The angels brought in boxes of every size and soon the sun began to rise. So I hugged the baby Jesus, and wrapped him real tight as I held onto the golden light. Then the angels lifted me into the air, and I placed the golden star with care. Now I was filled with holiday cheer for what a Christmas we would have this year. Then I said good-bye to the angels that came as I felt each box that held my name. Then I headed upstairs with a smile on my face as the baby Jesus lit up the whole place. As I journeyed joyfully back upstairs, I noticed that snow was everywhere. That made things so much better to me, cause we had Jesus, gifts and a Christmas tree. It was all a child could ever ask for, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. So on Christmas morn when we began our day, it was hard to believe what had come our way. In glee we held the baby Jesus high in the air, for He’s who brought the Spirit there. And as my head hit the pillow on Christmas night I was thankful Mom had taught us right; for Jesus would really be the only reason, why we’d celebrate the Christmas season.

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