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Stand Strong

She knew she was different from her peers, she couldn’t walk, when she was
born they discovered that Kirsten was born with no feeling below the waist. The doctors gave her parents a list of things she would never do, but Kirsten from a young age was determined to do many of the things the doctors said she would never do. When she was a little under two she got her first wheelchair, it was a little purple and black chair, but Kirsten was just as happy scooting around the floor as she was learning to use the chair that would serve as her legs until she outgrew it and got a newer one.

Kirsten’s determination was strong from day one and it was that
fighting spirit that made her want to achieve even when it seemed it was
near impossible. That’s not saying she never wondered why she couldn’t be
like most of the people she knew who just went around there day without any
worries about catheters and pressure blisters, but she didn’t dwell on those things either.

Anyone who knew Kirsten well enough knew that she didn’t give up
easily and they knew that she didn’t let her disability stop her from doing what
she felt she needed or wanted to do. Her Mama had always told her God had
made her special, but she shouldn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams,
because the Lord would want her to reach for her dreams.

" Mama why did God make me different? " Kirsten asked one day when she was five.

" Because he knew that people needed to see that even people who are born different, who have a disability can do wonderful things and live a good life. You are showing the world that now, and I know deep in my heart you will continue to do so. "

This conversation would have probably been hard for a five-year old to
understand but Kirsten was bright for her age, at the young age of five she was already able to read books that some third graders couldn’t even read. Just as Cathy had known about her daughters disability from a young age she had also known that Kirsten was intelligent, very much so.

Unfortunately not everyone saw that Kirsten was a bright young girl, they
assumed because they were uneducated that if Kirsten couldn’t walk it meant she couldn’t think either and this irritated her and her Mother to no end. She even had a teacher who treated her as if she had no brain, when it was quite obvious that she was probably more intelligent than the teacher.

" What’s it like not to be able to walk? " A friend had asked Kirsten once when they were in high school. " Do you ever feel that it is unfair that you were born without the use of your legs? "

" If I told you I never felt that way Amanda I would be lying, because sometimes I do, especially when I watch the cheerleaders at the football games, I think to myself that if I had been born normal I could be doing what they are doing. I try not to dwell on it though, I mean I have spent my whole life in this chair, and I am basically like everyone else the only difference is I go through my days sitting down. "

" I’m not sure I could be as strong as you if I were in your place. " Amanda

" I pray you never have to be, but if something caused you to loose the use of
your legs I know you would be strong enough to move on with your life, but I pray you never have to experience that Amanda. I pray you always know good health and you are always filled with the joy of the Lord. "

Kirsten had given her heart to the Lord two years earlier at the age of fourteen and her faith was growing by leaps and bounds, it was her faith that was helping her to be so strong in her last two years of high school, she was certain if she hadn’t given her heart to the Lord two years earlier, she would be spending far to much time being selfish, and thinking poor me, but she had given her heart to Jesus and she was filled with the joy of the Lord.

" Kirsten I wish I could have your faith. " Amanda said.

Amanda believed in the Lord and she too had given her heart to the Lord,
but it just seemed that Kirsten was closer to the Lord. Kirsten often encouraged Amanda by giving her scripture verses to read or just sharing how the Lord was working in her life.

" Amanda you are striving to be closer to the Lord and you need to stand strong
in that so keep reaching for that goal. "

" I am thanks to you. Even before you gave your heart to the Lord I watched
you in amazement it seems you never let the disability get you down. "

" I try not to. " " But sometimes I let myself get down and the pity party begins. "

Now Kirsten is grown up with kids of her own, something the doctors said she
would never be able to do, yet she bared three beautiful children, two girls and a boy, and each of the children are amazed at there Mama’s faith and strength, they know she is different from other Mama’s. She is more special.
To be included in Voices of the Differentlyabled.
© Michelle R Kidwell

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