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The Good Doctor

The doctor I now admire began seeing me as a patient when I was only a baby. I have been told he once said that he thought that I would talk to an empty chair, little did he know that I would use my gift of language in part, to praise him. As far as I am concerned, there isn’t a better pediatrician in my state, maybe even in the country. Dr. Kent is the only pediatrician that I would ever recommend to anyone. He has gotten me through my hard times in my health. I think that I received the best care a person could have.

Being my doctor has never been an easy task, as Dr. Kent soon learned. Kidney infections, and shunt malfunctions are just two of the problems that a doctor encountered in my childhood. He received quite an education in Spina Bifida, as I was the first patient with this condition. He researched Spina Bifida and always stayed informed. Once when it was thought my shunt was not functioning, after he couldn’t find the cause of my problems, I was sent to my specialist in Jackson. He was able to determine that my shunt wasn’t functioning and the problem was quickly corrected by surgery.

Through the years, Dr. Kent has been a kind, understanding doctor. He has a way of making a child feel at ease, and letting them know he is going to make them feel better. He takes time with all of his patients, listens, and never rushes them through, though he has all the time in the world, and when you visit him, you are the only patient he has all day. That is a rare gift in our modern day of HMOs and technology. Dr Kent was one of the few doctors that I would actually look forward to visiting.

There are so many things I will never forget about him, one of which is his amazing talent for dealing with people, especially children, and another is the way he always looked so casual, with the sleeves of his shirts rolled to the elbows. He never wore a white coat, which I think sometime scares children. His voice is another thing that is burned into my memory. It was like no other person I know. I often wondered if he talked like that all the time. All of these things are just a small portion of what makes him such a special doctor, and person.

It has been my privilege to be a patient of Doctor Ronnie Kent. I count myself very blessed to have been under his care as a child. Having to change doctors when I reached the age of twenty-one was one of the scariest things I have ever done. There was twenty-one years of trust and understanding built between us. I know I will never forget him, I hope that I left the same kind of mark on him, that he did on me. I hope that I get the privilege to have him care for my own children, I wouldn’t trust anyone more than Dr. Kent.
(By Sarah L Tagert )

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