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The Government is looking to hire a new assasin, someone who can kill anyone for any reason. They go through a interview process with many applicants and finaly narrow it down to three individuals, two men and one woman. THey bring in the first man and tell him what they are looking for. The man tells them that he thinks he can handle it so they slide a gun acrossed the table and tell him, your wife is in the next room, go and kill her. The man says that he cant do it so they bring in the next man and they tell him the exact same thing. This man picks up the gun and walks into the next room, only to return a few seconds later and tells him that he just cant do it. They tell him that its ok, but he just wasnt what they were looking for. A little discouraged they bring in the last applicant. They tell the woman the same thing and slide a gun acrossed the table. The woman takes the gun and quickly disappears into the next room. The interviewers had their doubts but were suprised to hear two gun shots. The gun shots were followed by what seemed to be a struggle, followed by two or three blunt slams. The woman returns to the room where the interviewers are confused by the noises. What happened in there? they ask. THe woman calmly replies........... that d*mn gun you gave me had blanks in it, so I had to beat him to death with the f**king chair.
Grandpa vs iPad!!
[HOT VIDEO] Grandpa vs iPad!!

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