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Union Troubles...

The Custodians of America were in a hiring frenzy because their work was really picking up. So they went on strike demanding sweeping reforms. The Fortunetellers did not form a union although they were a spirited group because it became crystal clear that there was no future in it. The Meat Packers Union found that government gave them the cold shoulder. They felt they had a legitimate beef and a steak in their future, and were willing to meat the government half weigh, but it turned out to be much ado about mutton. The Bakers Union could not rise to the occasion when the members wanted more dough. War recently broke out among the windows installers association, causing a real pane until they had a major breakthrough that was a shattering success. The Professional Bowlers Association did go an a major strike, but they were split on the issues. The Blacksmiths Union recently merged with the Plumbers Union and now they are forging ahead. The Lumberjack Union couldn't hack it and failed because so many of their members were given the axe. The Barbers and Hairdressers Union was another group that failed because they couldn't cut it. The Orange Juice Workers organized because so many of the employees were getting canned. Their employers were putting the squeeze on their workers to the point that they could no longer concentrate. The dentists, however, had to organize because their work was hand to mouth. They found that getting dentists to cooperate was like pulling teeth and they had a lot of holes to fill. But they succeeded because they had a lot of pull when the dentists were down in the mouth. The Tailors Union found out that many of their members were not suited for the job. It didn't matter because the work was just sew-sew. The members hemmed and hawed at being buttonholed because they felt the union was skirting the issue. The Musicians Union had no business to conduct because there were no complaints that were noteworthy, but they were composed, well-versed, and knew the score. The Math Teachers Union had too many problems while the English Teachers Union had no class. The administrators did not organize because of the principal of the thing. The Delicatessen Workers Union had to sandwich their meetings between shifts and couldn't cut the mustard when their members had a beef. They realized the wurst is yet to come. The Coal Miners union labored in vein. The Dairy Workers owe everything they have to udders. The Cartoonist's Union knew where to draw the line. The Manicurist's Union has its hands full making certain its members get paid any time they lift a finger
The Bulls conversation
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