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3 secret agents

During the Cold War, various countries had various secret services and national security agencies that were spying, some even torturing and killing innocent people... The Soviet Union had KGB, the USA has CIA and Romania had the "Securitate", agency  that listened to people's telephone calls, tortured and executed innocent people only for speaking freely... 3 secret agents meet to discuss about their job: an American, a Russian and a Romanian. They are discussing about how well the state secrets are being kept in their countries. American CIA agent: "I work together with my wife at the CIA, she has no idea about what I work and I have no idea about what she does either! Secrets are well kept" Russian KGB agent: "In my country it's more so, I work in the same office with my wife, neither of us has any clue about what the other is working" Communist Romania and dictator Ceauşescu's regime had the reputation of being brutal, but also very disorganized...The Romanian secret agent replies... Romanian Securitate agent: "In my country, it's even better! I work alone in my office and I have no idea about what I should do there!"
Dad Turns His Son Into A Drum Beatin\'
[HOT VIDEO] Dad Turns His Son Into A Drum Beatin\'

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