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Painted the Moon red

The USA and the Soviet Union are in a childish competition. Who's bigger, who's smarter, who's faster, etc. Are issues being debated constantly. The space is the final frontier, as we all know from Star Trek... Se, the two big states have started off in a space race. The Russians have launched Sputnik, then Gagarin, then the Americans set their feet on the Moon and so on and so on... Then, the US president, George Bush gets a call from NASA: "Mr. President! The Russians have landed on the Moon!" The next day NASA calls again: "Sir! The Russians are starting to paint the Moon red!" Bush treats the issue with little interest, NASA, the US Air Force, the Navy, the Army, the Marines are all alarmed and push Bush to do something about it. The third day, they assault him: "Mr.President, we have to do something, they already painted half of the Moon red!" Bush doesn't give much attention to all the noise and fuss around him...  The fourth day, the US Congress starts a meeting on the subject, accusing Bush of ignorance: "They have painted the Moon red! It's as red as the communist flag, red red red!" Bush: "O.K. guys, let's write Coca-Cola on it now!" 

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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