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Russian dwarf

Newspapers in the Soviet Union always acclaim Russian inventions, sportsmen, etc., considering them superior to anything that the Americans create. Soviet communist newspapers are full of phrases like: "The best sportsmen at the olympics were the Soviet sportsmen...", "The first man is space, Russian hero, Yuri Gagarin... ", "The best tank in the World, the T-72...", "The biggest country in the World is the Soviet Union...", "The coldest winters are in Siberia...", "We, Russians have the most powerful nuclear weapons...", "Russian vodka is the strongest drink in the World..."...and so on. Everything Russian is the best, fastest, strongest. An international dwarf competition is organized. Each country brings its shortest men to the contest... At the beginning of the contest, the Russian ambassador keeps a speech: "Ladies and gentlemen! Without any doubt, the Russian dwarf is the biggest dwarf in the whole World!" wonder they didn't understand why they lost the competition...
They are scared to each other
[HOT VIDEO] They are scared to each other

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