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Town Inspector For S

    This town Inspector for the state of Texas was saent to a small town in West Texas.For Mapping Purposes. He drove into a small town and parked his car. The first thing he saw was a Cowboy chasing a coyote down the street. The Cowboy caught the coyote and comensed having sex with it in broad daylight in the middle of the street. The Inspector got all irate and said to himself,"I got to report this to the Sheriff."

He runs to the Sheriff's office next door. The Sheriff wasn't there. The Inspector walked outside, asked a person on the street where the Sheriff might be. The person said at that time of day, the Sheriff was always at the bar.So the Inspector went to the bar,walked in, saw the Sheriff standing at the bar. As he was going towards the bar,he noticed an old man in the corner whackin' off! This really upset him. He went over to confront the Sheriff. He said,"Sheriff,I'm with the State. I've come to inspect your town. The first thing I see is a Cowboy chasing a coyote down main street; catching it, and comensin'to have sex with it! Then I come to find you to report it, and I see an old man in the corner whackin' off! How do you explain it?"

The Sheriff cocks his hat back and scratches his head;looked squarely at the Inspector and said,"You don't expect a man his age to catch a coyote do ya?"
The battle of two cats
[HOT VIDEO] The battle of two cats

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