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Phone Call from a Friend

"Hello, this is Ms. Bing from Warren High School. How many I help you?” "Hello, yes, this is Diana, Carly Stapler's aunt. It's an emergency could you please call her to the phone?” "Ma'am what sort of emergency would make you call her at school?” "Her uncle just passed away from a heart attack, that emergency enough for you?” "Yes ma'am, she'll be down in a minute.” -------In the background we hear the PA system announce that Carly Stapler should come to the main office immediately. -------- "Diana? What happened?” "Ok, Carly listen-” "Celina, why are you calling me at school, are you crazy?!?!” "No, listen and don't interrupt! Do you know where I am right now? I'm at school, in front of me is your recently dumped boyfriend.” "What the hell is he doing there?” "Well, lets see. A few feet from me, there is a blood-covered knife on the ground two steps from me and around his neck is a rope! Use your imagination!!” "Your trying to say that he killed himself because of me?” "No he did it because of Donald duck, yeah because of you stupid! Thank G-d that I cut him down, or his mother would have filed charges. And don't try and give me bull about not being able to file charges for suicide ‘cause she'd find a way. You know he's going through a tough time with all the college stuff and with what's going on at home! Why would you dump him now?” "I had too, he cheated on me. Wait, WTF! How did you know we broke up?” "Oh I don't know, if my boyfriend would try to commit suicide in front of you, and left a note that said, "Dear Carly, I love you even though you ended it” you would have thought of something! Now listen! Cheating is in the body, not in the heart. My boyfriend sleeps with prostitutes because I told him that I was not going to loose my virginity before I was married. He respects me for that. We have an agreement, I don't give a sh*t about who he uses to keep himself chill, as long as I am the one that he loves, and we have a beautiful relationship. Why can't you accept that for yourself?” " I can't because I want him to be only mine. Besides its not like he slept with her because then I wouldn't mind as much but he kissed her, full on, passion and the whole sh*t.” "Did you ever think that it might have been not exactly what you thought?”
”But I saw it on the DVD!” "DVD, someone videotaped that! But who?” "Will.” "I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch. Why would he do that to his best friend!?” "Because, I asked him.” ----------Carly's voice fades to a whisper------------ "You asked him! Why, because you thought that your boyfriend, a man that has spent the last two years following you with love that goes beyond anything I've ever seen, was cheating on you?” "Well, more like, I was umm, looking for a reason to break it off…” ----------Carly's voice fades to an embarrassed whisper------------ "You were sleeping with Will?” "Yeah, maybe…” "You are a hypocritical bitch, I'm glad that you two are done, and he is lucky to be rid of you!” Celina slams her phone shut and hurries off towards the entrance of the school.

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