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I meet him in my junior year of high school. My friends thought we were the perfect fit from the start. To be honest I thought it wasn't gonna last, because he at first wasn't my type. He was sweet and I was mean. He taught me how to enjoy my life without the fancy things and the fake friends. He saw the real me and he understood the way I felt about certain things.

My mom died the same year I met Adam, so I was moving from guy to guy just to find comfort. If your thinking I slept with every guy on the football team your wrong. I tongue kissed every guy on the football team. I'm still a virgin i'm saving my body for the right guy. ADAM!! Anyway, my mom died the same year I met Adam. i just got with him because he asked my out and I said yes, I was lonely you see. Normally, I only go out with sexy hot guys that make me tingle inside. But,Adam was skinny, tall, a black haired dude, that was in a band. He is cute and really funny to be around but you can't get on his bad side or else he will treat you like nothing I have seen that side of him before it's not pretty.

Let me tell you a story about the time i got on his bad side.

His band "Drowning In" was practicing for a wedding they were preforming at the week later. He must have been having a rough day because he was yelling at the whole band, even Tommy the no slack guy. Tommy is rough and hard headed. I pulled Adam outside.

"Baby," I said.

"Yes Rachel" he said staring at the ground.

"Are you okay your being kind of mean to everyone" I said.

I guess the why I said that came out the wrong way. He never answered my question. I figured out after a while that he doesn't like to be told the way he is acting. A couple of times after that day I accidentally  did the same thing and he acted the same way.

I love Adam and i know he loves me too. That's why he wrote me a song. It's called "I Found Love" the first verse is beautiful.

These simple words are a simile in truth,

because i found Rachel  and Rachel found me

I forgive her past but the future is ours and that is why

we are meant  to be  because....





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