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Trust, A Letter to my love...

"Your eyes are so familiar to me".

He whispered these words to her as he softly caressed the hair off her face.
He stared deeply into her eyes, into her soul, as a tear slowly trailed down her cheek.

He kissed her tear away.

He had stroked her heart the same passionate way that he stroked his guitar, with love. She had been buried in darkness not wanting to let anyone love her, but he found a way in. He allowed her petals to blossom in the Spring air. To feel alive, to breathe again.

She was no longer a fragile petal in the harsh wind. Strength was found. It was already there, just waiting for the right key to open it.

He would continue to stroke her lovely features and play with her hair.
Staring into each others eyes with bewilderment, amazed that they had met. Their souls, like strong magnets, were connecting. As they kissed, they both smiled. Happy. Content.

But fear set in. Would this love stay?. It would always remain in her heart, but would he stay in her life. She did not know the answer to this question. She did not want the answer to this yet. She pleaded with the universe, please let him stay a little longer. Let me enjoy him a little longer. But the life lesson was to surrender and treasure every tender moment that came her way. Enjoy and cherish every touch, every experience. She had to trust that he would want to stay.

Learning to enjoy the moment and not want for more, was incredibly hard for her. But she knew that being greedy, just like Winnie the Pooh and his honey, would drive her lover away. The only solution was to trust the Universe.

Trust the angels that were guiding her heart, straight into the arms of a beautiful, loyal and lovely soul.

In her past, trust and love had been very torturous and unhappy paths. But now in this moment, she thought, and remembered a phrase that had embedded itself in her heart, from the very moment it was whispered between two lovers in an old time classic movie.

"This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime"

Then she smiled because she knew it was the beginning of something special.

This was their moment.

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Upload Date: 31/12/1969

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