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A party? or not?

Today’s my birthday I shouted to Chrissie. I can't wait for my party! Now that party's tonight right Kellie! Yes Sir Melisa. Well you know I was just making sure. Oh yea I know you were, I shouted back across the room. It just so happened many of my friends were coming and it'd all be a blast.

On the way home from school I was listening to awesome music by Zoegirl and don't ask why but I love them. They’re like my favorite band and on my birthday I was super happy. Oh I just remembered something I thought. I need to pick up stuff for my party so as I did I turned around and went back up towards school to Wal-Mart to get party supplies I had to pay for. At about 4:30 I was done. It took me forever to find everything I needed including running into Abby who totally loves my new haircut for the party. That was cool and the fact that when I told her Jake's coming early, she gasps and was like "That is so totally amazing". I know I told her back. He's my best friend.

So when I entered the house I looked around for Jake because he was suppose to come early and help me set up and everything. I told him to come around 5 ish. and hopefully he'll be here. I told him in school and he said he'd be here. Well Hi honey my mom said! Hi. Where's Jake? Oh I forgot to tell you my mom started to say. Jake was in a bad car accident.

What! I was all shook up and asked my mom how it happened. She seemed to think he was speeding, but I ride with him all the time and he never speeds. Yea well, That's what his mother seemed to describe to me. I could believe this was happening. My Best friend, on my birthday. Oh my gosh what about the party? What about it honey, it’s your party. Yes but I don't know what to do. I'll just cancel it. They'll understand. So when I called all my friends and told them what had happened they completely understood, so I hope. This is my birthday so I have to go over to the hospital to see him. I told my mom and she said it was a good idea.

As I walked into the hospital doors, it gave me the creeps looking at everyone on crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs. I was thinking I hope Jake's ok. So I asked the nurses station which room was jakes, and the lady said room 401. I was all nervous and everything. And as I walked in, I didn't know what to say.

Hey Jake, How you feelin? Oh Kellie. I'm broken inside. Tears ran down my face. Its ok I told him. No it's not Kellie! It's your birthday and I ruined your party for this. No it's not your fault I said. But it is. You’re my best friend. Yes I am I reminded him. That was all I could think of too say, then pretty soon the nurse came in and it was time for me to leave. Take care of yourself I told Jake. Be good! I love you Kellie. No matter what I will always love you. I love you too Jake and as I said those words I couldn't help it and I ran out of the room crying, I went to my car and sat in there for at least a half hour. Then I said Oh God make him better, heal him. And as I said those words I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Jake coming towards me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wow that can't be Jake can it?, I told myself. But it was. He was walking towards my car, and I was all shook up. At that moment it was a miracle. Jake!!! I can't believe you! You’re healed. Yes I walked out of the room and the doctors couldn't believe I could walk. You’re a true miracle.

I love you Jake and this party's not over without me. You've got that right!

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