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The Most Beautiful Woman

For her, the quote: ‘Nothing can be taken for rule!’ was senseless, but it was quite significant the one that said: ‘In this life, nothing is certain.’ Paraphrasing the author’s words: ‘In this world there are only two tragedies, one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it,’ which it was entire true as she had experienced it herself in her life.

This woman had come into the world as a little ugly duck. Although she was her parents’ love, sometimes she was her progenitors’ embarrassment, because she was the target of awful pranks of the people around. However, she had grown up amid her family’s affection.

Whilst she was just a girl there was no annoyance, but at the time that she became adolescence, her world was turned upside down. Unfortunately, she was not the adorable girl of that all boys dreamt. In fact, she was just a plumpish blonde with granny glasses, and not a precious molded flower - as those girls who were cheerleaders. So, in those years, she had not received any other attention than her parents’.

Nobody would invite to the prom. Or at least, that adorable young that was dating the most popular girl in class. Even in her dreams, he did not come along. He was too much for her. She had convinced herself that she was not fated to the best.

Then her days in high school went by without shame neither glory.

During her university years, she had to put up with the fact of being just brainy, and hankered for what the other young women had. She did not look like either those models of the lingerie catalogues or those stunning movie actresses. She was just a simple young woman. Not even a shinning one. Justly, an ugly duck.

With a low self-esteem and the idea of not deserving what she considered the best, she had carried on with her life.

As the university period had ended she faced the real world. It was not difficult to find a job with her marks. She was summa cum laude. In few years, she had climbed a high position in the multinational company that she worked for. But she was fed up with the fact of not having what she really desired. She wanted to be somebody different. A glamorous and beautiful woman, justly as the story said: ‘the dream of the young, and the desire of the old.’ The same one about which she no longer cared - which it told as a beautiful woman found love when she turned into a little ugly duck -, even though this tale was her source of hope on her teenage and university days.

She would not spend more her days in dreaming of what she could not get, rather all those men that she did not have. So, she put herself in action. And the first that she did was to add to her schedule a workout to lose those pounds extra. Apart, she had looked for a good hair stylist, who changed her color and coiffure. And, she had thrown away her old wardrobe. Lastly, she had immersed in books of self-help.

However, all that was not enough. So, she contemplated the idea of plastic surgery, apart from all the diet that she did, for there was no slimming program that she had not done. There she went through a liposuction, after breast implants, and lastly, a face lifting. Therefore, she was a new person. A woman completely different from what she had been. Plastic surgery had turned her into the most beautiful woman. And everybody around her had noticed, and they gave her complements about her recent beauty. All those men - of whom she dreamt - became aware of that gorgeous woman that she became.

Once she was prepared, she went to the encounter of all those men that were craving for her. So, there was no any man that she did not date. But those men, who courted her, were not as the ones with whom she had dreamt all her life.

Unfortunately, the men in very high positions, who had spotted her attained beauty, desired her for themselves, but as lover. And the men, the same sort as those in the directory board, would not leave their wives for her. All of them just wanted her for a casual affair. And for others, she represented a sort of trophy.

On the streets or in her neighborhood, every single man approached her by her physical attributes and not by her inner qualities. So the world was not as she had imagined neither had thought. Before, she was disappointed for not having what she yearned for, and now, she was frustrated to be able to get what she was mad for, but it was not as she had expected.

She had considered that she was unlucky in life, because she was never reached what she really desired. Perhaps, everything would have been distinct if from the beginning things had not been as they were.

But her reasoning crumbled when she had run into the woman who had been the most popular girl on her high school. This woman had married to the man who was the boy that never took her to the prom for being a little ugly duck, and whom had turned himself into a horrible person. He wasted his life in alcohol and had ruined the days of that lovely woman, whom he had beaten once. So the life of who was once a popular girl was miserable.

For first time, she thanked to Heaven for not having been that lovely teenager that was that bitter woman now that was before her.

As time wore away, her expectations did. Her attained beauty did not bring the most appreciated whims. Already she neglected physical appearance. And, she almost cursed her beauty.

However, the fated thing would come to her encounter and not matter who was nor looked like.

All of a sudden a new employer began to work in her division, and he did along with her. He was the man who did not care about appearance. In fact, he was not on the top of the world for being around a beauty as her.

Months went by, and his unpaid attention to her physical attributes let him get to know her. And, she was able to show her true colors for first time. Shop talk, words about unimportant things grew into love.

He was not the man for whom she had been mad. There was no similarity between him and those handsome men of whom she had thought - before sleeping when she was a teenager.

He was just the man who committed to her, who took her to an altar to swear his love before a Lord’s minister, and for whom the world did not matter if she was there.

At the end, she had comprehended that beauty was not paramount to find love. And, that beauty laid inside and not on appearance.

Love was acceptance. And, the beauty was being loved as she really was.
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