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Delivered Death

  "Can you help him?" Gregori asked frantically, turning his head to look at Izaya. Icy blue eyes stared back into pitch-black darkness. A single blood red tear slipped out and flowed slowly down her cheek. "I don’t know." She replied softly. Gregori hissed out in frustration. Kyle, his only brother, was going to die. "Izaya, please." Gregori pleaded loudly, bending over his brother’s wound.

"Greg, I can’t. I’d be giving up freedom, no, my life, all for the sake of your brother." "Kyle has done everything for you. He has never harmed you, yelled at you, or even looked down upon you. He cares so much about you, Izaya. Kyle loves you." Izaya bit her lip and turned her head away. "You couldn’t know that." She whispered. "Izaya, Kyle’s my brother. How could I not know?"

Kyle gasped out in agony, making his chest wound open even more. Izaya groaned and shook her head, as if she was fighting herself. "Please, Izaya, save my brother." Then Kyle screamed out into the night sky. Izaya fell to her knees and sliced open her wrist. Warm, crimson blood gushed out, spilling into Kyle’s mouth as Izaya held her wrist over his open mouth. His eye’s shot open and in a flash, he was clamped to the wound, drinking deeply. After a couple of minutes, Izaya pulled back and went to Kyle’s throat.

Puncturing his neck with her sharp, white fangs, she drank from him, bonding them together for eternity. One could not survive without the other. Now there would be no Izaya without Kyle, and there would be no Kyle without Izaya. They were together forever; their bond would never waver or die.

When she finished drinking from him, she pulled back and wiped her mouth. "Izaya," She heard her name from behind her, "Thank you." Gregori said. "I didn’t do it for you and I didn’t do it for Kyle." "But you still did it." "I know I did. I have d*mned myself. I have destroyed my freedom, my life. I despise you both." She hissed angrily.
A month had passed and it was time once again for Kyle and Izaya to unite. Kyle was sitting up in a tree, watching the last seconds of the sunset. He had been waiting to see Izaya for a month, and it was about time that they see each When he heard a soft crunch of footsteps, he jumped down with a huge grin on his face. But Kyle didn’t see Izaya, instead he saw his brother.

"Gregori, I didn’t expect to see you here." Kyle said gently. "I didn’t expect to be here, Kyle." Gregori replied. "Brother, where is Izaya, I am aching to see her." Gregori turned around, placing his back to Kyle. "Gregori what----" "Izaya… will not be able to see you today… Kyle… you wont be able to see her ever again." "Gregori----" But his brother interrupted him again. Turning back around, Kyle could see that blood red tears ran down his brother cheeks. "Izaya… is dead."
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