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The Story Of Me And Greg - I Love Him

There is a boy that I love and I have loved him before he even asked me out. We were in seventh grade at the time and we had 6th and 7th period together. In art (7th period) he always sat in front of me, so I would always just stare at the back of his head. Then one day we started being friends and we would talk and we were... Just friends.

Then he would start waiting for me after class and always hang around me. He would always make me feel good, like he always wanted to sit by me and would say that I was special and would constantly complement me. Then a week before valentines’ day he got my email address and he asked me out. My heart raced because I had liked him so much. I answered him a day later and I said yes.

So we went out and only got as far as side hugs and held hands once. Maybe 3 weeks later he broke up with me because he said he still liked his old girlfriend.

I was devastated cried and did some pretty drastic things to myself. And to make this a shorter story I’ll just say this, we went out two more times but broke up. But he constantly kept asking me out. I would say no each time because I didn’t want to get hurt again. Knowing full well I still loved him. But we did remain friends for the longest time.

On his birthday he called me. Of course I answered. But he wanted to tell me that he was mad at his girlfriend because of some really long reason. I got upset because I felt like he was using me. So I told him I had to go.

Now get this, he called me at one in the morning and asked me out. I said no because he had broken up with his girlfriend only a few hours ago.

After that, for almost a month he would send me text messages saying I was beautiful and asking me how my day went. I tried not to let it get to me but I did, I know, I’m stupid huh?

Ok so now I’m in 8th grade and a week and one day from today (that was sept.11,2006) he asked me out again in passing time between 6th and 7th period. The first time he asked me in person!! I said id think about it.

A day later in first period he kept asking what my answer (because he sits next to me in the tech lab) before the bell rang I typed in "yes" and he was so happy. Now for you who are reading this are probably thinking,

"this girl is so stupid for going out with him again"

But I’m not, because I love him, and he has changed. We may not be together forever, but I’m going to stay with him as long as I can because I love him. And I always will!

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