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I’m not going to leave you Prosper. I can’t." Emilee sobbed; grasping onto his hand through the bars. Blood smeared from her hand to his as she held on tight, slipping sometimes because of the blood. "I’m not going to go anywhere Emilee, I would never leave you. I love you." Prosper reassured, tightening his hold on her hand. His black eyes stared deeply into her maroon ones. He was searching deep, trying to calm her with the stare down. When that didn’t help, he lashed out his power, pouring the emotion calm into the room. "Prosper! Don’t!" Emilee shrieked, as she dug her nails into his palm. He winced, closing his eyes from the pain that seared his flesh. Her blood seeped into his veins, traveling to his heart, and then going to his entire body. Prosper gasped as her poisonous blood reached his brain, causing him great pain. The water rushed around their bodies, threatening to take them with the current. The cage bars were cold on their skin, making their bodies work overtime to keep them warm. One dark tunnel was at their feet, and if they let go, they would be gone forever, never to return.

Prosper! Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! Here let me—" Emilee started to say but stopped abruptly because Prosper had screamed from the agonizing pain flowing threw his veins. Blood red tears fell from Emilee’s eyes, sizzling the cement floor as they hit. She scowled at the ground where her tears had eaten away the floor; holes were now in the place of her tears. Ever since she had been born, her blood had been poison. It was a terrible and rare disease to acquire, but somehow she had gotten it. Emilee had gone through hell her entire life, not being able to bleed around others was a challenge by itself, but when it came time for doctors to try and find a treatment, all Emilee wanted to do was die. But when the doctors tried to extract blood from her body, Emilee was in a great amount of pain. They had used a serum to numb her heart, to stop all blood flow. When her heart stopped for seconds, they extracted her blood. When they were done, they had to re-start Emilee’s heart. But if they could not, then the whole project was a failure. Failure. That was all Emilee had ever felt in her life. But ever since Prosper had come into her world, Emilee’s future turned upside down. Prosper had given her peace, had shown her love, had taken care of her, he had even shown her how to live again. Without Prosper there would be no Emilee.

Emilee focused her attention back to her love, Prosper. His skin boiled and hissed from the exposure to her blood as it seeped threw his skin and into his blood stream. "Prosper forgive me. Please. I never meant to hurt you. You are everything to me. I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you. Please, live... you have to live." Emilee pleaded frantically, but she knew there was nothing left she could do, except for one thing—but Prosper would never forgive her is she choose that option. Prosper had been exposed to her toxic blood and his life was coming to an end. Looking out from her cage, she looked into Prospers. His eyes were open and searching rapidly for eye contact with her. Smiling slightly, she flipped out the knife that had been attached to her inner thigh. Slitting her wrist, she watched as icy white blood spilled from her body. Prosper gasped, his eyes never leaving her blood that was now flowing onto the ground. "Emilee—" he started but then Emilee’s wrist was at his mouth, silencing him. The white blood rushed down his throat and into his stomach, where it was now seeping threw his stomach tissue and going straight into his blood stream. His wounds healed instantly, leaving behind no scars and no evidence that they had ever once been there. Then with one glance at Emilee, he saw no life left in her eyes only death. She smiled and timed stopped. He watched slowly as she let go of his hand and she let the current take her down the black tunnel. "EMILEE!" Was the last thing Prosper had ever said to her. And it was the last thing Emilee had heard.
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