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The Little Ugly Duck

In this life, nothing is certain. Nothing can be taken for rule. Everything is distinct as the world goes round. Improbable events occur, rigid concepts fade away with time and human being evolves internally. Nothing is motionless.

Prominence is assumed to be attained by some remarkable qualities, but sometimes, those either unusual or magnificent aspects of an individual head him for ruin. His life becomes a misery.

There was no an appropriate adjective to describe her beauty. She was the dream of the young, and the desire of the old. Since she was born, she was a little star that brightened. She had risen amid her parents’ adoration and her neighbors’ admiration; and, of course, others’ jealousy.

As she reached adolescence, she seemed to be the most precious flower to boom into a rare nature comely to stare at, and sometimes, so perfect that it was untouchable.

Such an exceptional beauty had had her days into rivalry and competition, which all that she defeated effortlessly, and just by her physical attributes that were stunning to the senses.

Her entrance into the world was easy. She went from an insignificant scholar contest to the most important beauty pageant, where it was shown her attractiveness to the rest. In that sparkling world, there was loneliness and the burden that meant the mad desire, with which she had to deal, that she aroused in men, who just had indecent proposals and hardly noble ones. Upon that scenario of shining lights, glamour and eccentricities, there was no friendship, just envy and evil.

Through her comeliness she had known the real nature of the world, and by her lived days, she had learnt the paramount in life, which it would be essential for her nature.

It was hard to believe that a bright life as that was sometimes a tortuous one. And, it laid on the lack of sentiment. Sadly, she had found out that love was not so easy to find, even though she was such a beautiful creature.

After the effervescence of her early days on the media, she went onto another field that was linked to promotions until she gained her own space in the business show.

So, she was a television star, whose female producer, who was pretty but no so much as her, sought to have a name, but she noticed that the majority of the credit was taken by the beauty and not by her.

And, such stunning woman had just success in the world and the love crumbs that were thrown by the president of the network, when he was available for her.

It was unthinkable that, and especially for other women, that television star did not have any illusion. It was taken for granted that the door to what she desired was widely open. But, unfortunately, it was not like that. She could not expect a family, and she would die for, because the man to whom she loved was married, and the only thing that he offered was a promise, which he would never carry out.

To much more disappointment, she had to deal with her unbearable producer, who made her days hard. The producer could not stand that she shone so radiant before the cameras and others. But, her life was not so rosy as everybody believed.

Surprisingly, she had desired to run away from that insensitive life, but she did not as evil did not walk away from her life. And, it had materialized when the producer, in a moment of deranged mental, had messed around with the car brakes of the star. So, fatality had come to the encounter of the beauty.

In a moment, she was born anew. But this time, not as a beauty, jus as a little ugly duck. From now on, she would be no longer a television star. Perhaps, just a fallen one. The scars and deformations of her face did not let her shine anymore.

It is an irony of fate, but one proves his worth through misfortune, but the unconceivable is that through trouble, in the majority of times, one finds what has been in search of. And that had happened in the life of the beauty.

Life had carried on… The world had forgotten her so fast, the producer had replaced for a new model, which could do the work, and the president of the network - her lover – barely came over where she was recovering. And, in a cold ward of a hospital, love came to her.

She was almost hopeless for the doctors, when a young plastic surgeon ran into her case. He usually visited her every morning to analyze her, and unexplainable, in her heart blossomed a certain emotion, because of that warm attention that she got, and it came from alien hands; so that she had remembered the happiness that conveyed the little stranded faces when she did social labor.

Time was so decisive to give birth to a special bond between them. He admired at her, in a sort of way, by her desire to be loved and her illusions, which never came true being a beauty. And she was attracted to him by his generous heart.

It came the first surgery, and glimpses of hope had sprouted when it was seen the results.

After the first one came other surgeries in succession. They aided to mould her face. Whilst she was on that process, their mutual affection had flourished.

Once one confessed love to another, they decided to tie the knot for good. She had recovered her beauty, but this time, in a different way, because the most important to her was to have found beauty in somebody’s soul. She did not get back to the show business; she had dedicated her life to social labor, and enjoyed life and simple things along with her husband.
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