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The Fairy Tale Of Two Friends

They started off friends and I mean the best of friends! They thought they would be friends forever and ever until life end. But, little did they know what lied before them. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Its! Its! Its! It’s the most amazing thing you could imagine! It’s supposed to start off great and grow to be even greater than to continue very happily. Unfortunately with these two friends, it did not happen like that. Do you know what I’m talking about? Its spelled likes this L-O-V-E it is the most dreadful word in the dictionary. No one and I mean no one ever expects this dreadful word coming. It just appears out of nowhere, it just fly’s into place without any warnings. Why does this happen you may ask yourself. Well, in fact no one knows why it happens. It just does. Anyway I am going to get back to my story now.

So there are these two best friends, they have been friends forever you might say. Them two where the most in common people you could ever know. We shall call them "Santa" And "Marsha". Now Santa and Marsha are really cool people, well to me they are. They made an oath to be friends forever. And forever they thought they would be. Until one day the dreadful word past over Santa’s head. And Santa tried to fight his feelings but he had no luck.

It’s been five years and that dreadful word keeps flying over. One feels everything and other feels nothing or thinks/ believes that she does not feel a single thing. It gets harder for Santa and Marsha every day. The future of my fairy tale I cannot tell because Santa and Marsha has not wrote it yet. Maybe they’ll feel the same way one day or maybe they won’t. But one question is, will stay the best friends they started off to be? No one knows. And neither does Santa and Marsha. It’s a mystery its self.

Has my fairy tale of Shaun and Meagan…. Uhhhh! Whoops! I mean of Santa and Marsha taught you anything? It probably didn’t and it might never will. But, I just hope that if Santa and Marsha are reading this that they understand my little fairy tale. And that they wont be mad at me for sending it by email to both of them. :)
Not you guys!
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