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Chapter One


Moving. That's the last thing I wanted to do. My whole school year had been wonderful, and I had it going pretty well. Friends, family, skating...everything was perfect.

Until Fall fell. That's when the news came. I couldn't believe it when my Mother told us that we had to move. Although, she never did say why exactly. She kept insisting that with my eight-year-old sister Savannah growing up that she wanted her to be in a “safer” neighborhood, but if this was true, why was it that every night I'd hear differently in my parents rooms?

“We have to move Rob, we have to. I want them away from all this.” I'd hear my Mom choke through sobs. “If they ever found out about Zachary....and...Jack was just so close friends with him. It wouldn't be the same if we stayed. We've got to leave.”

I didn't understand at first, Zachary...the name sounded familiar, but it didn't seem to ring a bell at all. I tried to think hard, but I couldn't recall anyone by the name of Zachary.

Days passed by, and before I knew it, I was sitting in the back seat staring at the beige, now lifeless and bare looking house.

“Wave goodbye to our old house now!” My Mother cheered, slamming the car door shut loudly. Dad rolled his eyes jokingly and sat down in the drivers seat and began to back away slowly.

Savannah waved her skinny hand. “Bye house!” She beamed.

I slumped in my seat. “This sucks.” I spat, folding my arms.

“Jack! Watch your language!” My Mother snapped, turning around violently to face me.

I rolled my lavender eyes. “It's not a bad word.” I insisted, now sitting up properly. “And don't call me Jack, Mom. I told you a thousand times, call me Shade!” She twirled around back in her seat and buckled her seat belt quickly. Agitated, she was, but she deserved it. (with making us move and all.)

I heard her let out a sigh, then faced my Father, her eyes weren't the same as before.

“..Shade, huh..?” Her voice sounded depressed.

I nodded. “Is that a bad word too?” I added sarcastically.

Mom faced the rear view mirror, glaring at me.

“That's enough, young man.” My father scolded.

I rolled my eyes to show that I could care less. “So why does the name Shade seem to bother you? We have a whole group. Shade, Shadow, and Silhouette. Well...had, anyways. Now that we're moving....” I trailed off, noticing Mother's sullen expression as she was listening.

“Shadow..” She gave a weak smile. “Yes, good old Zachary. Bet you'll miss him, won't ya?”

Zachary. It hit me. Zachary was Shadow!

“..uh, yes.” I pretended I didn't know a thing. “But we haven't seen each other in like... years anyways. Ya know, after his parents died and all.”

Mom nodded. “Yes, I know.”

I turned away slowly to face the grayish skies through my window. Now I was curious. What happened to Shadow...? Is he in the hospital? Did he get hurt? Or worse...did he die?


The next thing I knew I felt someone shaking me briskly, and when I opened my eyes, I found my self to be surrounded by almost complete darkness except for the orangey street lights shinning down, showing barley enough to let me see well.

“Jack, honey, are you awake?” My mom's voice called. I couldn't see her very well, but I could tell she was standing before me.

“Erm..yeah....” I rubbed my eyes. I guess I had fallen asleep. “Why aren't we moving? The ground...”

I saw a figure point to a flickering hotel sign.

“Oh, I see.” I stood up, stretched, then yawned. “This doesn't look too convincing...” I thought, noticing that not only was the sign's light bulb about to blow, but there was litter scattered here and there, and not to mention the horrible paint job to fill in the cracks and holes on the brick walls. “Hmm..”

We stepped inside, and my father began to speak with the lady at the desk when my cell phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey..Shade, It's Silhouette....Takori.” A feminine voice replied.

“Oh..hey..What's up?”

“Isn't this unfair? First Shadow, now you. I'm the only one left here!” I could picture her bricky red hair bouncing as she whined. “I mean, God, Shade. Of course, you know what happened to Shadow, right?”

“Erm, no. Is he okay?” Was I about to find out?

“Well, I guess if being six feet under is okay...Shade, honey, Shadow is dead...”

“He DIED!?” I dropped my cell phone. Shadow....dead...? No. He was my best of my closest friends...

My parents and Savannah whirled around, facing me in absolute awe, almost in tears.

“Who died?” Savannah piped, but my mother silenced her.

“Jack...I'm sorry...” My mother's were eyes wet with tears.

“You knew!? All this time? Why didn't you tell me!?” Emotions swirled inside of me, I didn't know what to do. I was angry for my mother's lie. I was destroyed because of the loss of my best friend. What was I supposed to do now!? I picked up my cell phone and hurled it at her feet, not caring if it broke or not. I sprinted out the door and stood in the middle of the empty parking lot, facing towards the raven night sky.

“Why!?” I let myself fall into uncontrollable bewailing. My best friend was gone.

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