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Till Death Do Us Part (Forever Upon An Open Sea)

Barring waves crashed onto the deck as Captian Hall and his beautiful fiance sat on the bed, hand in hand. Her hazel eyes glistened in the moonlight as the candle slowly burned. He gazed at her in lovingly eyes, smiling his lustful smile. Her heart melted in his well shaped, porcelain hands. She was his maiden and he was her lord. They began to kiss as his experienced mouth took control. Her virgin ways made her blush and shudder as his gentle hands glided from her's and stroked her fragile body.

In a way, she was jealous. Knowing his hands had been upon another woman, why his ways were so experienced. But slowly and surely, she relaxed into his well-built set; knowing that she was in good hands. They kissed passionately as her body shook. She knew daddy wouldn't be pleased if he found that his pride and joy had married a murderer! But nevertheless, she loved him. She'd fallen into a deep love with this man, and it seemed nothing she or anybody else could do would change that.

As things started to progress, there are a sharp knock at the door. Beating at the hinges and screaming bloody murder. The Captian jumped to his feet to see who it was. At the worst timing, it was his first mate, Loukas. And oh, was he ever shooken! The main mass had broken and needed repairs. But the dangerously strong winds and darkness took their toll on the massive ship. With a lantern in his hand, he set out. As his wife cried and screamed for him to come back. He called to her, "My sweet, I shall be back. Need not to worry, I'm in good hands." She stared at her husband, horrified at what could happen. And at that breif second, the barring sea threw a powerful wave to the ship, causing the Captian to hang dangerously high up. His wife screamed and buried her face into Loukas' chest. Feeling that this could be his fateful end. That this could ruin everything that they had worked for together! She cursed her husband, she cursed to Loukas.

"Why must he be such a d*mned fool!" she bellowed. Tears ran from her hazel eyes and fell upon his chest. His dirty shirt was tightly gripped within her hands. She begged God that - in the midst of her thoughts, a warm hand fell upon her shoulder. Spinning her around and into his salty sunkissed chest. Ripped with muscle, he stood. Bearing nothing but his skin and knickers. She stared at him; his shoulder was bloody and his body was worn. He titled her chin up so she was staring into his darkened eyes. "Do not curse, sweetings." - "Damn you, Matthew! What in bloody hell were you thinking!" - "Do not curse, my lady. I've come for you, as I said." And with that, he bent his knees and gripped under her thighs, lifting her while cradling her fragile body close to his aching muscles, and carried her to the cabin.

As they reached the sliken sheets, he set her down as if she was the most precious treasure. She smiled up at his massive body. He was huge compared to her small frame. The ocean calmed beneath the vessel as the couple stared within eachothers' eyes. She glared at him, cursing his charming ways. She was supposed to be mad at him! He had been a fool. "I am angry at you, my lord." - "No, my lady, you are not." he breathed into her ear, gently kissing her ear lobe and stroking her chest. She felt the passion flow beneath her dress as her corset loosened from behind. "I should be strong than this." she shuddered as he kissed her neck; "Maybe, my lady. But here and now, you are my wife, and we tonight, I shall show you my love."

As she stared at him with curious eyes, she wanted to ask what he was planning to do. A hush fell over the ship and all she could hear was his steady breathing along her spine. His nervously disquiet hands slid dangerously between her legs. She glared. And at that moment, her abigail came in. A young maid, this girl was. Her name was Sarah May. Closing her eyes, Sarah May scrabbled out of the room. "Damn it! Look what we've done!" Vivian cursed. "Do not curse, sweetings." Matthew said comfortingly. She burried her face into his chest and rubbed his arms gently. Thinking "If only we could really be alone.. if I could have him to myself." Selfish thoughts raged inside of her. She was angry, not at herself, but at Sarah May. She should have knocked!

Covering up, Vivian sat up in bed; staring at her prized husband. "Daddy will see you soon, my lord." - "Yes, my love, I know." Hours past, as the couple lie in bed, looking up at the ceiling. "I am ready to bear your children, my lord. I will miss you while you are away, and love you when you come back home. I will wait for you every night. And think of you every second of the day." - "Jesus, Vivian. Enough!" - "But, my lord.." - "No, Vivian, enough." And with that, she turned around and laid on her side, so he was facing her back. His knees interlocked within her's and his arms went around her waist, gently holding her. She held his hands as if she could not let go, and there, they fell asleep.

She awoke to the sound of the busy people on deck, anchoring the ship. Much to suprise, Matthew was not there. She wondered why he hadn't woken her. -

There was a sharp knock at the door, as her heart raced. Wanting to see her lover, her lord, her life. Once she found it was only Loukas, she tried to hide the disappointment beneath a pearly smile. "Captain says you must come out, we have arrived at port." As she sighed and nodded, she said "Yes, darlin'; tell Captain Hall, I shall be there in a moment. I must dress." And with that, he left.

Slipping into a tight corset and a fashioned skirt that showed her legs; she walked onto deck as the deckhands stared. They couldn't keep from drooling. Captain Hall turned to see why all his crew had stopped working and saw his gorgeous wife. As if everything in the world stopped and froze, sound was nothing and everything but her was blurry. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and best of all, it was his. She walked to him, seeming to glide across the deck. She fixed his shirt and kissed him gently. "Time to meet my friends and.." - "And?" - "And Daddy." He looked up to the skies and held back his fear, as they walked onto solid ground. As soon as they had gotten off, two of Vivian's friends ran up and hugged her.

Sufficating the poor girl, her best friend since the age of 9, Jess, looked her over. "Vivian, darling! You look stunning. And oh, who is this?" She stared at Matthew. "Jess, this is my husband, Matthew. Captain Matthew Hall to be exact." Her eyes widened as she took Vivian by the arm, "Excuse us, Matthew." He nodded. "What in bloody hell are you thinking, Vivian? What in bloody hell are you thinking!!" Vivian smiled her rebellion smile, and walked back to her husband. "I'm thinking that daddy can't do a thing about this."

Daniel, one of her oldest and dearest friends came hurling at her. She smiled and stepped to the side as he flew into the bushes. "Hello there, Daniel!" His eyes glistened and he smiled "Hello, darlin'! It's been so long, where have you been hiding?" Vivian smiled, helped him up and pointed to Matthew. "Findin' myself a hubby, my dear." His mouth dropped and he almost fainted. She kicked him. "Get up."

Up the hill the three walked, to her father's house at the top. They all took a deep breath as she opened the huge doors to a Victorian styled house. "Dadddy!!!" She screamed as an old man of 64 came towards them. "Sweetheart!" They hugged and kissed eachother's cheeks. Smiling and gleaming. "So, I see you've brought home a new pet, Vivian. What or who is it?" Matthew's blood boiled with rage. "He's my.." - "Vivian!!" a voice shrieked from behind. It was her dearest sister Cerise. Most called her Cherry. Always a quiet one, but she knew how to have fun. They were twins. She was always somebody to look up to. "Cerise, my love!" Vivian called. They ran and hugged eachother. "So, who's that?" - "That's what I would like to know..." her father's voice mummbled.

"Everybody, this is my husband, Matthew. Captain Matthew." They all stared with opened mouths as her father took her by the arm. "Vivian, what is the meaning of this? You were supposed to marry a prince. You are a princess, cupcake. You are not marrying a captain." - "Do not 'cupcake' me, father. This is my choice and I shall do as I please. He is my love and he is my life. Whether you like it or not. And I'd be d*mned if you ever tried to break it up." - "Do not curse, Vivian!" her father and Matthew's voice intertwined. They stared at eachother stunned. Vivian grabbed her husband by the arm and dragged him the the courtyard in the back. Digging her sharpened nails into his muscular arms. He blinked back the pain and remained quiet.

She took his hands and stared into his eyes, "They will never take you away from me, my lord."; they kissed and curled next to eachother until the sun began to hide behind the mountains. The sky turned a series of beautiful colors, exploding before saying its last goodbye. They stared up at the stars and wondered what if. And gently she kissed his lips; "I love you, Matthew".

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