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He, She

She can still feel the warmth of his hand on her shoulder long after it's gone. He can still see her smile in front of him long after the night's over.

They're perfect for each other, and they know it.

He thinks she's beautiful from top to bottom, even if her lips are a little thin, or maybe her hair's not always shiny or perfect. He's gone past that shallow stage of being long ago, and now- now there's only her and her imperfections. He likes it that way. She's okay with that. They're alright with each other, and if you think about it, thats all that really matters now.

She likes to dance in the rain, but he doesn't. He's always worried that she'll catch a cold, but she couldn't care less really, and sometimes she's able to drag him out with her, despite his inhibitions. It's funny how she has a way of stripping those away from him, nobody else had ever done that. Nobody else could ever get him to go out and jump around in the rain like an idiot.

But she could.

People will see and think that they're just a couple of kids, dancing in the rain. But it's so much more than that. So much more than anybody could ever really see on the surface. He would take a bullet for her. She loves him more than air. You can't have one without the other.

They like it that way.

That's the way they know things are supposed to be.

He thinks she's the most perfect in the morning, disheveled from sleep, with no makeup or fancy clothes or anything. If he had his way, she'd be like that all day. If he had his way, she would never be with anyone but him.

She loves him the most when he's smiling at her. His smile just makes her feel so much more secure than anything else in the world. It makes her feel warm inside, and if it were up to her, he would never stop smiling.

There is no way they could fall out of love. Not now. Not after all they've been through. It's not an option to just walk away from each other, and it never will be. They aren't complete without one another.

They like it that way.

He loves her because she's imperfect. She clings to him because he 's not the greatest man she's ever known.

And they know that this is the way love is supposed to be.
A Luxury Car
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