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Left foot in front of right

Left foot in front of right. Swish, swish. Look up. Smile. That’s it.

Claudia struggled to not shrink into the safe haven of slouching and brisk, unemotional speed walking that she usually assumed as her usual manner. Today was different. Today, she wanted to impress Brent O’Donnell. Today, she was going to come out of her nerdy, insecure shell and attempt conversation with the cute boy she sat next to in History class.

Claudia’s out of fashion bell-bottoms blew in the wind. Oh, if only Mom had taken me shopping yesterday for acid-washed jeans like I had asked her to…. Claudia thought miserably. Oh well, if I did my makeup the way Jill said to, maybe that’ll compensate.

Dirty blond hair flying behind her, Claudia’s pace quickened, but not out of fear. The mere thought of Brent smiling gave her confidence.

That is, until she was totally consumed by her dreamy thoughts to notice Marissa walking directly into her. Her new glasses flew off of her as she fell, and landed five feet away.

“EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY DORK!!!!!!!!!!!! I BROKE A NAIL BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Marissa shrieked. Claudia jumped back three feet out of surprise, and could do nothing but whimper.

“I-I-I’m s-s-s-ooooo-rrrrrry……” she muttered to the ground.

“Oh, lay off her, Marissa,” a cool, suave voice said. “No need to get the whole school talking about you making a scene. Calm down.”

Claudia couldn’t see anything but a big brown, blue, and pink haze, but she automatically recognized the voice as Brent’s. She stared in awe at him, her mouth hanging open. Marissa stormed off in a huff, followed closely by a bunch of giggling girls.

“Are these yours?” the suave voice said again. Brent handed Claudia her glasses. She put them on, and could see the wonder that was Brent O’Donnell. She got up hastily and brushed off her clothes. Suddenly realizing that her mouth was still open, she shut it quickly.

“Hi, I’m……erm…..Claudia. Claudia Wilson.” She said, the words coming in explosions out of her mouth.

“Hey, don’t you sit next to me in History, or something?” he said, suddenly recognizing her. Claudia’s eyes brightened up two shades of green. “Hey, you’re really…..-“

“BRENT!!!!! GET OVER HERE ALREADY!!!! WE’RE ALL WAITING FOR YOU AT THE TABLE!!!!!” Marissa burst out of nowhere, completely ignoring Claudia, dragged Brent away mid-sentence.

“Well, see you around!” he mouthed to Claudia all through Marissa’s rants.

I’M WHAT????!!!! Claudia wanted to scream. She would never know. It’s a start…she kept telling herself.

But for now, left foot in front of right. Swish, swish. Look up. Smile. That’s it.
I Burst Out Laughing
[HOT VIDEO] I Burst Out Laughing

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