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Special Someone

Ever since I first met you…I’ve known this intense connection between us. Or at least I thought there was. When we talked, it was about Math or ‘who was being a bad boy or girl’. What would you expect, we were just six then. But yes, I think I still felt that emotion then. Only, I was too young to recognize it. We moved on, with our own personal lives, fighting, making up, pummeling and competing in every sphere. We got our own friends. We became busy with them. And that was the period, I confess, I almost forgot about you. And you with your sardonic sense of humor and ready replies, grew up to become the middle school hottie. Of course, I never gave that a thought. It was your life, and your unexplainable way with girls. But again, I was too wrapped up in my own special circle to bother. Then by chance, we started bumping into each other a lot at school. I admit, I didn’t know how to react. You had changed a lot. Not, character-wise. Your sarcastic half smile and a raised eyebrow proved that immediately. We smiled; I blushed, and hurried away. Those few tiny moments; I can remember so vividly. Do you too? Do you remember how I started burning in the inside and went bright red? Do you notice how I hesitated before hurrying off? I do.

And then, one fine day, pulled to the same play for school, our friendship, which had been long ago buried deep under nowhere, erupted like a wild fire again. Not a day passed without us chatting. Did you realize how much those tiny conversations meant to me? Do you realize how much I miss them now?

Oh yes, High School has changed everything. We have been flung as far apart as possible. I tried to come back. I’m still trying. But where are you? Why don’t I see you making an effort to come back? Why are you drawing apart so easily? Why are you giving up on this magical relationship so soon? Why? I know these questions will remain unanswered till the day I gather enough courage to ask…if you will be there to listen. If you will be waiting, the same way, I have desperately waited these past few months.

We are meant to be. We are. It’s nature; pure, natural, undeniable. You can’t deny it. Come back. Please. Come back…
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