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Ariel made her way though the shop, delicately picking her way through throngs of customers she made her way towards the pair of figures at the far end.

Katie looked up as the stranger appeared, she was easily the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. Her long dark hair flowed lightly and her dark eyes had a deep warmth and kindness to them. Aaron turned as she approached.

“Hey, it’s good to see you” he exclaimed smiling widely “How long has it been?”

“A while” she agreed embracing him warmly

Aaron turned to Katie,

“Please, this is Ariel. She’s my sister” he introduced them

“Katie” said Ariel kindly “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you”

“Wait, hang on” said Katie her mind struggling to catch up. She had known for the past six months that her boyfriend was the Avatar of Fire, one of the most powerful beings in the world but the startling news that he had relatives was a little confusing

“You have sisters?” she asked finally

“Two yes” replied Aaron “and a brother”

“And you are all avatars?” she asked

Ariel nodded smiling

“Ariel is the Avatar of Air” Aaron explained , apparently unconcerned by the shoppers mingling around them.

“And your other brother and sister are earth and water?” questioned Katie understanding

“Yes” replied Aaron. He felt bad, he should have told her more, more about where he came from, about what he considered to be his family but it had never come up. He’d grown so used to keeping things secret it had never occurred to him she would want to know.

“Well it’s nice to meet you” she said finally

“Would you mind if I stole my brother away for a minute?” Ariel asked “There is something we need to talk about”

Katie shook her head “Of course” she replied.

Aaron lay with on this bed with Katie in his arms

“Are you sure you can’t stay” she asked

“I’m sure” he replied, a faint smile lighting up the room “I’ll see you in the morning”

“Is it about what Ariel told you?” she asked

“Yes, I’m sure it’ll be nothing. Go to sleep” he assured her

Carefully he got out of bed, making his way towards the window he opened it,

“Sleep well” he added as he changed, the wood window frame darkened slightly as flames licked it, Aaron flew from the window like a bullet.

Carefully Katie got to her feet and closed the window behind him. Slowly, her body shivering slightly she got back into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Katie woke early the next day, the bed beside her was cold. There was no sign of Aaron. As she got out of bed and put on her clothes she wondered where he could be, whenever he left for the night he would often try to be back before she woke.

Not allowing herself to dwell, she gathered her books and after eating a quick breakfast headed for her lectures.

It was lunchtime before she really began to get worried, there was no way for her to contact him. He’d tried to carry a phone but had kept melting it, Katie laughed at the memory. Walking alone towards her favourite sandwich shop a gentle breeze tickled her neck.

“Katie” said a voice behind her

Katie jumped in shock dropping her bag

“I’m sorry” said Ariel quickly “I didn’t mean to startle you” she added

“It’s ok” replied Katie her heart rate returning to normal

“Have you seen Aaron?” Ariel asked directly

“Not since last night” she replied cautiously “Do you know where he is?” she asked

“No, and that’s what’s worrying me” she admitted “Leave it with me” she said flashing her reassuring smile

“I’ll let you know if I find anything” she assured her.

Backing away Katie watched as Ariel dissolved into the breeze and vanished from sight.

Katie had finished her next class when she spotted Ariel again, she was leaning against a wall, her presence had not gone unnoticed by several boys who glanced casual looks at her from a distance.

“I think we may have found something” said Ariel quietly

“Aaron?” asked Katie

“No, but a clue. I think he’s been captured” she replied

“Captured?” asked Katie startled “but who could do that?” her mind flashed back to seeing Aaron fight in the alley several months previously.

“I don’t know, but we’re looking into it” she reassured

“But you’re sure it’s him?” Katie asked

“There aren’t many things in this word than can rip a mountain in half and burn every tree in the valley to ashes. Aaron is one of them. Don’t worry we’ll find him” she answered kindly

“Who’s we?” asked Katie suddenly

“Lynne and I” replied Ariel “My sister” she explained quickly

“Another avatar?” exclaimed Katie in surprise

“Well there are four of us, but Marcus doesn’t get out much” she smiled

“Anyway, I thought you’d want to know” she added

“Take me there?” asked Katie suddenly “You can use all the help you can get” she didn’t really know what help she could be to two avatars but she couldn’t just sit doing nothing, especially if Aaron was in trouble.

“Sure” said Ariel.

What happened next Katie couldn’t have described even if she’d have wanted to. There was no wind on her face, only the sounds as the air whipped past. It was as if the air itself had picked her up and was carrying her away.

Wind began whistling past the pair as they accelerated, gaining height, climbing through the clouds. Exhilaration shot through her as the world flashed past, the clouds blurring in to a white. Sea flashed past far below.

“Where are we going?” Katie shouted over the sound of rushing wind

“Alaska” replied Ariel “Ever been before?” she asked smiling

“No” admitted Katie, the full madness of what she was doing starting to sink in

“It’s nice this time of year” laughed Ariel, obviously finding her companion’s discomfort amusing.

Land began to flash through the clouds as they crossed over Vancouver, how fast were they travelling?

After a few more minutes the pace began to slow and they descended into a valley, it was early morning and the sun was beginning to climb over the mountainside. Surprisingly she wasn’t cold, apparently Ariel was helping her out with that too.

Katie looked around as her eyes began to register the devastation. As the sunlight caught the face of the mountain she saw a crater, it looked as if a meteor had struck it. Fires still glowed from the holes, every tree in the valley had been reduced to ashes, the land was scorched and burnt.

“I’m glad he was holding back” muttered Ariel looking around her

“Holding back?” exclaimed Katie in astonishment

“Oh yeah” confirmed Ariel.

Katie was about to reply when another figure appeared out of the morning mists.

She was taller than Ariel, strongly built with long dark blond hair and fierce blue eyes. There was no doubt in her mind who this was.

“Lynne” Ariel greeted her.

“Ariel” she replied, nodding to Katie as she did. Apparently unsurprised by her presence she spoke again

“I think I’ve found him”

“Where?” asked Katie excitedly

“Russia” she replied “someone burned a fissure in a glacier, any ideas?”

“Let’s go” replied Ariel, not questioning the logic.

Half an hour later Katie’s feet touched the frozen ground in Siberia.

“Why is it all the cold places?” she grumbled

“To keep him cool” murmured Ariel, turning she took another look at Katie.

“You do know he’s ok don’t you?” she asked

Katie looked at her, not answering.

“They may be able to capture him, they may even be able to hurt him. But I’ve never met anyone powerful enough to do anything permanent to an element she said reassuringly.

Katie looked at the giant door disappearing into the ground in front of them, it looked like something out of Dungeon’s and Dragons. Ariel’s words suddenly sounded empty.

“What’s inside?” she asked quietly

“I don’t know” replied Ariel shrugging slightly, seeing her sisters raised eyebrow she turned to her “It’s air tight!” she protested.

“So can you just… blow it down?” asked Katie unsurely

“Well I could” started Ariel.

Without warning Lynne began to run at the door, a moment before she hit it her entire body changed. A wall of water slammed against the massive structures, buckling them and sending them spinning off their hinges. A delicate blade appeared in Ariel’s hand.

The staircase in front of them was empty, there was no sign of life as the trio left the sunlight and descended into the darkness.

Ariel heard their footsteps first. Men running up the corridor to meet them, in a carefully organised fashion they set took cover, pointing menacing looking guns at the three intruders.

Lynne and Ariel stepped forward, the blade still present in Ariel’s hand.

“So you go to all the trouble of building this, you capture Aaron and you leave it guarded by… humans?” she commented

“No offence” she added, glancing quickly at Katie.

Outstretching her palm a long spear of ice began to grow, stretching outwards from the centre it was a perfectly formed instrument of death.

Lynne stood ready.

Instantly the pair moved, Ariel sliced with her deadly blade slicing through armour and flesh, Lynne’s spear impaled and ripped as the sisters continued their dance of destruction. As quickly as it had begun the fight ended leaving the soldiers dead on the floor.

Katie silent with the shock of the sudden outburst followed the pair slowly down the steps.

The sight which greeted her was extraordinary. The stairs descended into a huge room an array of crystals stood around the outside, some as tall as herself, others would fit in the palm of your hand. Each one crackled with energy.

In the centre of the room was Aaron, suspended in a strange light, the world seemed to distort around him as if she was looking at a reflection of him in a fairground mirror. An array of cables and wires scattered across the roof and down the walls.

Heat emanated from Aaron, he was burning very hot, most was being caught by the spell surrounding him but some was escaping, that small amount was enough to force Katie to keep her distance.

Lynne and Ariel had no such hindrance, carefully they examined the field trapping Aaron, he gave no indication he was aware of them.

“They’re using him to power something” muttered Ariel

“Easy to solve that” replied Lynne raising her spear again

“Wait!” cried Ariel “You don’t know what it’ll do!”

Lynne ignored her and sent the spear hurtling through the largest crystal, a wave of magical energy crackled through the air and made Katie retch.

Instantly the spell collapsed and Aaron fell to the floor flames vanishing from his body as he landed. Slowly he got to his feet, Katie ran forward.

“Are you ok?” she asked, her voice full of concern pulling him close ignoring the searing heat still radiating from his body.

“I’m fine” he replied, looking up at his sisters “Thanks” he added.

“Any idea who it was or what they were up to?” Ariel asked, the concern showing on her delicate face.

Aaron shook his head “I went after the dragon like you asked, I brought it down but that’s when something hit me from behind, I’m not sure what” he recalled.

“Dragon?” questioned Katie her eyes wide. Aaron nodded, apparently it was not a big deal to him.

Suddenly Ariel dropped to the floor clasping her head in pain

“Aaron, upstairs. Now!” she gasped

Without hesitation Aaron’s body ignited, he took off smashing into the ceiling and burning through to the evening sky above. Lynne pulled Katie to one side as a rock hit the ground where she had been stood a moment before, Ariel dissolved into the air.

Katie and Lynne appeared on the ground above, Katie didn’t understand what she was seeing, a huge purple whirlpool was pouring into the world. The only word she could think of was portal, creatures were flocking through it. Not human, more like orcs or goblins from a fantasy story, but this was no story!

In front of the swirling vortex was Aaron, he was fighting furiously, cutting down the creatures as they emerged he was holding back their numbers but surely he couldn’t keep it up for long!

Katie stood stunned, a few hours ago she’d been waking up in bed, suddenly she was in the middle of Siberia with no idea what was going on! How did she get here?

Aaron flashed out with a blade, decapitating one he turned and reduced another to ash.

“Ariel” he shouted, instantly she materialised by his side her blade flashing left and right. With her keeping the creatures busy Aaron withdrew to Katie’s side.

“What’s happening?” she asked

“I’m not sure” he answered “it’s some sort of dimensional portal” he guessed.

Katie looked pale, scared. What was going on?

“I’m sorry” he said “I have to go”

“Go?” she exclaimed “Where?”

“Through there” he explained “Those creatures are coming from somewhere, I have to stop them. Your safety depends on it!”

Aaron stretched out his hands towards her as if holding something, flames licked them for an instant. Removing his top hand he revealed a necklace, golden with a deep set ruby within.

“Take this” he said “Wear it, it’ll give you an edge” he told her.

Katie tried to speak but found she couldn’t, a tear dripped from her cheek as Aaron placed the necklace around her neck.

Without saying anything he looked into her eyes, each of them sharing each other’s thoughts.

Backing away Aaron ignited, she could feel the heat emanating from him. Turning towards the portal he began to run, raising into the air as he approached he flew through the swirling vortex.

It closed behind him.

Katie, Lynne and Ariel stood in the sudden silence. Neither spoke.

Katie suddenly felt angry, why had this happened? Where was Aaron? When was he coming back? Was he coming back?

Her eyes burned with fire.
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