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Vampiress Rule

"Enough!" Vlad commanded stepping back out of the white circle.

Sam frowned letting his sword lower slightly in front of him. "What's wrong?"

Brushing his sweaty black bangs out of his face Vlad shook his head slightly. "You're not even using real spells boy. You're making it up as you go and hoping that something works."

"The intent is still there," Sam countered running a hand through his own short red hair.

"Bah!" Vlad turned away from him, and wandered over to the plain wooden table at the training circle's center. The field was empty in the early morning, and the sun made the shadows of the castle longer than they would normally be. None of the chalk circles that marked the training field were being used except for their's, and they all looked dusty and old in the morning light. Above Sam's head the castle Darkport stretched away like a giant straightening up after being knocked over. Everything seemed so quiet, and Sam was beginning to feel on edge. Vlad didn't look any more or less uncomfortable. He stood with his sword in hand his muscles shining with sweat and his head thrown back as he downed a goblet of water left on the table for whoever was mad enough to train during high sun.

Stepping out of the circle, Sam walked over to his teacher. "Let's call it a day," he suggested.

Vlad glanced at him from under his thick eyebrows. "What? We're just getting started."

Sam frowned slightly tippeding his head. "Yeah, but something doesn't feel right."
Too fast, to rough
[HOT VIDEO] Too fast, to rough

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