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The Warmth of the Heart

She stole a glance at him from where her head lay on his chest. Memories, new and old, came flooding back to her. She envisioned the day he asked her to be his, his hand slipping into hers, their first kiss, the many kisses that followed, and willed herself not to cry. She looked away and closed her eyes, listening to the rhythm of his breath, the beat of his heart, feeling the warmth of his hands, taking in the sweet smell of his skin. How could she have him? The boy with the perfect green eyes and the gentle touch. The one that she loved with all her heart. Could he possibly love her half as much as she adored him? These and million other thoughts entered her mind as she stole another glance but they all disappeared the moment his eyes connected with hers and he smiled. The universe may have continued to spin but she didn't know it. All that existed to her was him. Any questions, worries, or concerns she had disintegrated. She felt his free hand slide to cover hers. As his fingers enveloped her own she felt her breath hitch in her throat. As she continued to stare into his eyes, he opened his mouth and said those three words that sent her heart into a flurry of emotion. 'I love you' were the words that she had always hoped to hear from him but never expected to. He leaned towards her and gently kissed her. She never knew that she could feel this way until she had met him. It seemed to her that every passing moment they grew closer and closer. They both pulled away from the tender kiss and she lay her head back down on his chest, still a little bit in shock of where she was. She then closed her eyes and when she opened them he had tilted her face towards his and was looking intently at her. "I don't deserve you.", she thought to herself.
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