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Nashike meets Kurai; Yume's first emotion!

Yume hummed softly as she moved papers around. Today she was in the Private Archives of the Hokage Tower. She was the only one allowed in there other than Shizune and Tsunade because she was the Hokage’s adoptive daughter, Kurai Yume. You had to be a very important and special person to be allowed to go in there.

“Kurai Yume! Do you copy?” called Tsunade’s voice from the earpiece she had in her ear.

“Yes, Tsunade-sama,” Yume replied. Though she was her mother, she still called her by her name.

“I need you to find a file for me from the ‘Restricted’ section.”

“Yeah sure,” Yume said as she got up and walked over to the doors to the ‘Restricted’ section. She punched in the code and the doors opened.

“It’s under the ‘Missing Nins’ category and the file name is ‘Akatsuki.’ Can you find that for me? And then get it to me immediately?” Tsunade asked, with authority in her voice.

“Hai!” Yume said cheerfully as she ran over to the back of the room where a cabinet was labeled ‘Missing Nins.’ She opened it and flipped through the folders until she found one named ‘Akatsuki.’ After pulling it out, she ran out of the ‘Restricted’ section, pulled the door close behind her, and ran out the door of the Private Archives. She closed that door as well, and it made a loud echoing thump behind her.

In a hurry to get the file to Tsunade immediately, Yume forgot all about the booby traps that were set for trespassers. She could’ve taken the secret passageway but she’d have to turn around and get to the entrance and that would take too much time so she just kept running and eventually got stuck in one of the booby traps. It was triggered by a thin rope a foot from the ground that went from the left wall to the right. The simplest of traps and she was the one to fall into it. She tripped on it, and it immediately wrapped itself around her ankles and flipped her upside down.

“No! I have to get that file to Tsunade-sama!” she agonized as the file fell from her hands to the ground. Yume pouted and crossed her arms. She closed her eyes and waited for someone to notice her. The earpiece and microphone had fallen along with the file. Since Yume wasn’t equipped with kunai or shuriken, she couldn’t cut loose from the rope that held her ankles.

“Hey you! What are you doing in here?!” said a voice. Yume opened her eyes and looked into the most beautiful sapphire eyes she’d ever seen. She opened her mouth to speak, but she was getting dizzy and couldn’t muster up a voice. The blood rushed to her head too quickly and she was becoming unconscious.

“Hokage-sama. We have a trespasser in the south tower. Shall I bring her in?” He spoke into the same type of device that fell on the ground from Yume’s ear.

“Hai!” he said. The boy jumped in the air, did a flip, cut the rope and tied Yume up so fast she couldn’t see a thing he did. When she finally became aware of her surroundings, her hands were tied behind her back. The boy picked up the Akatsuki file and closed it.

“Hmm, Akatsuki, eh? I wonder what you were thinking of learning from this.” he said as he came back to Yume and pushed her towards the Hokage’s office.

“Tsunade is my MOTHER. I have permission to be here! I’m the Hokage’s daughter! Untie me!” Yume said, attempting to break free from the bonds that held her hands together.

“Chyea, right, the Hokage has a daughter. I believe you,” he said, shoving Yume through the hallway.

“I must get that file to Tsunade immediately! Let go of me!”

“SHUT UP!” he shouted and Yume shut her mouth, a tear almost gleaming in her eye.

Finally, they reached the door to Tsunade’s office. The boy walked in and pulled Yume in with him. She smirked as she saw Tsunade’s eyebrows furrow and glare at the boy.

“Nashike Yoshiro! What are you doing with my daughter? Unhand her at once!” she said fiercely, standing up.

“Sh-she’s your d-daughter?” he stammered, not believing what he was hearing.

“YES NOW UNTIE HER!” she banged her fist on her desk, making the papers that were on it shake. Yoshiro untied immediately and bowed down to Yume.

“Gomen! I thought you were lying! I didn’t know Hokage-sama had a daughter! Gomen! Gomen!” He bowed his head over and over again.

“You thought my daughter was lying. She’s not going to lie. Yume, you have the file?” Tsunade asked.

“He has it…” Yume said, pointing to Yoshiro.

“Yoshiro..?” Tsunade said, holding out her hand. Yoshiro jumped up and gave the file to her.

“You do realize the consequences of your actions?” Tsunade asked Yoshiro with a glint in her eyes. “You will be punished!”

This time Yume stood up and said, “Oka-san! That’s completely unnecessary! He got me out of the booby trap!”

“How in the world did you get into a booby trap?” Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

“I was…being careless,” Yume said, embarrassed.

“Fine then, Nashike, you’re free to go. But if something like this happens again you will be punished! Now off to work! Both of you!”

Yume and Yoshiro hurried out the door. Yume turned right and Yoshiro turned the opposite direction. Yume took two steps before she heard Yoshiro said, “Yume-sama, gomenasai. It won’t happen again.”

Yume stopped and turned around. Yoshiro was looking at her with pleading eyes. She felt a warm feeling in her heart as she looked into Yoshiro’s eyes. She wasn’t sure what it was, for she’d never felt it before. The warmth spread through her, making her feel stiff and unable to move.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he blushed, turned around and walked away. Yume blushed as well, but didn’t stop looking at him, even as his shadow disappeared around the curve of the hallway.

What was this feeling? It made her feel light headed as she turned around and walked towards the entrance to the secret passageway that let to the archives. Even as she walked, she couldn’t get his face out of her mind. His voice echoed in her head, “Yume-sama, Yume-sama, Yume-sama…” She shook it out of her head and clutched her chest, trying to get the warmth out of her heart. She didn’t deserve such emotions.

She couldn't help but realize it was the first bit of warmth she'd felt since she'd entered Konohagakure.
They are scared to each other
[HOT VIDEO] They are scared to each other

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