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Young Portrait

I take in the account that hot summer day , when the sun blazed onto the city , leaving the smell of the heat in the environment . The vanilla flavored bar I’d downed , seemed to be melting deep inside my stomach with the strength of the heat of the sun , so vigorously , that the fumes it seemed to be letting out were indeed ready to flavor and scent the heat revolution . I wished to make it deep into the dense ridges , where the light wouldn’t be that harsh upon me . Before my thoughts could melt me , I made it to the closest closet of density in the green .

The rhythm of the godly blaze let me through the narrow paths , where after fluctuating in and out of the stream of silence , after every few countable footsteps that I made , I made my way to stop only at a particular spot , where nature itself and the friendly inhabitants of the forest had killed the silence . There , I felt safer , better .

Right in front of me stood a dense , inviting tree , with a thick trunk , so uneven that it managed to invite me to make a steady climb to its most rewarding branch at a real height . I saw a red piece of cloth hanging down from the branch , I’d marked to make upto . Wherever it had come from , I’d made up my mind to get it down , as the ‘climber’s’ reward .

Placing a foot in the depression within the tree’s trunk , I made it upto a good height . Further and further , as I climbed , a killer weapon like sharp and tough branch hooked in my t-shirt from the back , tearing it like a spear till it made its way to my bare skin , slicing a deep cut into it . The height appeared to be nearer than the soiled ground , I’d begun my ascend from , so I insisted myself to reach for it .

As the glow dimmed , and the density of the leaves opened my view to a height of a comparative visibility , I figured that the red cloth was draped over human legs . As I ascended further , I saw the complete figure of the human being already present on the tree . Ah! I’d been the guest . I reached to that female being at last and discovered that she had been constantly observing my climb . At the time we met , I was sixteen while she was seventeen years old . “Who are you and what are you doing on this tree?” I asked her without hesitation , not realizing that I could be asked the same question . “I’m Sandara , and this was my attempt to touch the skies . But I guess , I’ve reached above the skies , because I see they’ve climbed up to me , disguised as you .” I couldn't say anything at all . The beauty that existed in her eyes compelled me to let mine wander through her beautful figure , yet , with that she turned her face to look directly into my eyes . No , she didn’t ask me the same question . She didn’t say anything at all , but caressed the wound on my back . My blood was sticking to her fingers . The sight of my own blood in front of my eyes scared me , but the pain was gone .

“And your sky climbed up to you to feel the embrace of the angel of her dreams . Don’t you want to know my name?” I asked her .

“I love the sound of your name , and I love you , Evi . Won’t your angel know your name?” I couldn’t breathe or speak . ‘Was she some sort of magician?’ There was no time at all for thoughts . I gasped as she ran her fingers in through my t-shirt , and on my stomach from behind , falling back on her shoulder . She lay me down on her lap , to tell me her story…

“I’ve admitted already that I want to be an achiever . I’ve come from the world of their words , their world of illusion , and imagination , to make its unreal worth exist in some secluded corner of the real world . As I gained precedence over the intellectual minds , my sense of achievement inspired me to make my reach up to the night sky , and to the dreamland it bound . In my attempt to touch the skies , I lost my touch over the earthly soil . To become an achiever , I left everything including my world , behind me . In this new world of a true existence , I found the meaning of my life in you . Evi , I love you!”

I felt like crazy! I didn’t get a word of what she said straight into my head . But her desire for me , and my attraction towards my magician of illusion in the form of Sandara , turned out so powerfully that I kissed her , out of confusion , within the environment of illusion that she had composed . She pushed her tongue into my mouth , and I let it in , tasting its sweet flavor , sweeter than the taste of vanilla . I ran my fingers in through her t-shirt , on the bare skin of her stomach , making her shiver with each move further , that I made . I felt it cooler than the burning private world around us , on the tree , and kissed it . She slid her hand into my t-shirt as I brushed my lips across her neck , but just in time , I pulled myself back .

She breathed in deeply , once , and continued to speak . “I’ve always wanted someone to love me , someone to want me . I love you , Evi .” She repeated . “Do you love me?”

“I do love you , Sandara” , I replied . She talked technically about the existence of an unreal world , that I didn't want to concentrate upon . I didn't wish to listen to it , because it was picturing her too as someone 'unreal' to me . The night sky soon overpowered the day light and I slept in her arms in the peace of the night .

Wrapped up in her arms , even though leaning on the roughest branch , I felt warmer and safer than in my own bed . But in the morning I woke up in my bed , and found that she had just been a seventeen year old unreal portrait of an angel in my dreams , living in the frontispiece of the book I’d been reading .

In the vanilla fuming blazing day , just like the one that had appeared in my dream , I set out to the same ridge heading for the same tree on which I met my unreal angel . It appeared the same , just as it had , in my dream , and attracted me in a similar way , inviting me to make a ‘real’ climb this time . The same red cloth hung down from the branch , I’d marked upon . It seemed like my dream had been reeling all over again , in reality . But it couldn’t go further without my approach . Nah! I wouldn't have chanced myself again upon my dream tree , to fool myself with a day dream!
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