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Art of Thorough Removal

Chapter One:  “Two Universes Apart”

Rosalie drove us to Forks High School. I hated the fact that we had to go through this all over again. Just because we were immortal and could not age doesn’t mean we have to go through high school over and over. I hated school. I usually didn’t mind it at first, but it got a bit too out of hand. There were gossipers everywhere we went. And I am sure that there would be tons of gossip about us. But then again, there’s also a new kid coming to school.
Maybe we wouldn’t be the gossip anymore. Usually at our old schools, a guy would confront me and ask me out once in a while. I’d say no of course. They were all humans. The only vampire family we’d see was the Denali family in Alaska.
The only reason why they chose Alaska was that vampires could not go out into the sun. No, we would not burn or diminish. We have the weird thing…where we glow or sparkle. It didn’t matter, anyway. No one would see it at all. We have to be inconspicuous—which is hard, but at least we keep to ourselves.
Rosalie cut the engine, which made me startled. She pulled the key out of the ignition and pocketed it. I looked up and saw an unfamiliar person climb out of what seems to be a newly acquired silver Volvo. I felt somewhat attracted to him, and I felt like I was obliged to know more about him. “The new boy, Edward Cullen,” Alice told me from behind. I nodded. I looked over to her, and she was wriggling her brows, as if it really meant something.
“Come on, Alice,” I told her in a shaming tone, taking my backpack, and slipping it over my shoulder. “It’s not like he means something to me.” She gave me an expression that looked like I was lying. Which I rarely do.
“Right, Bella. How can we be sure?” My eyes flickered back to the new boy, who was walking towards the school now. He turned his head slightly to look at me. His inspecting gaze bewildered me. “All right, see you, at lunch.” Alice walked away. Edward was not in my sight anymore, having gone onto the school campus already.
Jasper walked past me, with an expectant and worried look. I didn’t say anything. Rosalie and Emmett already were walking together towards the campus, without a look in my direction. Really, he meant nothing to me. I don’t even know him.
I entered my first class, with all the usual eyes on me. I turned to my teacher and have him a greeting nod, then turned to walk back to my seat. My thoughts hadn’t even grazed Edward’s presence or existence during that period. I wasn’t allowed to even like him. He was a human, and I was a vampire. So what? However, his amused gaze seemed to always come back to my thoughts when I was barely paying attention.
I met up with Alice and Rosalie on my way to lunch. We talked about nonsense, Rosalie’s new make-up, and the oncoming dances. Of course, I wasn’t really going to dance. I was just going to show up and watch my supposed siblings dance and have fun. Maybe mingle around with Rosalie and Alice. Or laugh with Emmett and Jasper. So the topic didn’t seem to amuse me. I didn’t contribute to the conversation.
We got our lunch trays, which we did not eat from; and sat down at our usual table. Since it was more confined, and the cafeteria was much smaller than the parking lot, I could smell people. I heard our names mentioned. I turned to the direction, a curious expression on my face.
Edward Cullen was staring straight at me. “What are you looking at?” Alice asked. I turned my head quickly to smile at her, indicating I was doing nothing. “Hm” was all she said, looking thoughtfully around the room. I ignored everyone else after that, picking a bagel apart, curious of what was inside. I opened my can of soda, making it click. My family members looked at me.
“What?” I asked them. I turned back to the new kid, but he was looking at a girl I’d seen in one of my classes. Jessica, my mind said. Alice stood up, and dumped her tray, then left. We all did the same afterwards.
I didn’t look at the new boy again, fearing I’d be locked in his gaze. His wonderful, messy hair was a color of bronze, which was uncommon, or unusual. He was merely a human, yet he was so fascinating. Such an uncommon name as well—‘Edward.’ It was like, a past playback.

In Biology II, I sat in my seat alone. Then it struck me. Edward was entering the classroom; and his gaze locked on me. I turned my head to make it go away; the intense gaze. I also realized at that moment, the only open seat was next to me—and the teacher would be forced to send him next to me. I sighed, looking down, and wrung my wrists. This would be weird, and awkward. I didn’t have to interact with anyone that was human like this before.
Of course, it wouldn’t only be awkward; the human might think there was an attraction—since we’re all physically attracted to our prey. Even if we aren’t their predators, we have to be careful, and stay inconspicuous.
I saw him turn to look at me. I didn’t smile, I just turned my head again. However, something caught my attention; when a breeze came by, and apparently ruffled the bronze hair that seemed to always catch my attention. “Hi,” he said softly. I grinned at him, trying to control myself of not being too attached to the human—or rather, attached at all.
“Hello,” I said, breezily. “Isabella—Bella Swan,” I corrected myself. He seemed to brighten at my words. “And you are? Oh, Edward Cullen,” I remembered. “New, huh?”
He nodded at me, as if he was reluctant. “Yes, I am, in fact.” I glanced at Mr. Varner who was impatient with us; the students around us were watching our introductions hopelessly. I had better move on. I swept my books off his desk, letting him have room. He seated himself.
The period went by slowly. Although, it may be slow to him—it was too slow for me. My eyes kept flickering in his direction, and when the breeze lifted, it also lifted a strong smell…a smell I couldn’t resist. My eyes were widened the whole while. My mind was set on getting that blood. It was sweet, yet somehow bitter…addicting, yet somehow, it bites. Or what I’m trying to say is that it’s so tempting.
It shouldn’t be tempting to me at all. I’ve never even smelled something like this…in years.
Actually, I believe I haven’t smelled any kind of blood like this at all—even in the hospital when I’d visited Carlisle. It’s like it had hands that tried to grab out to me, that was saying my name over and over…and with each second the voice got louder. Bella…you know you want it!
It grabbed and it pulled. I resisted, and insisted I didn’t give in. I had to control myself…and I couldn’t let him suspect anything whatsoever. I turned to look at him slowly and hesitantly. His eyes were on me. I sighed a deep sigh and smiled, trying to make the smile indifferent. Of course, with my convincing skills, he bought it supposedly, and I turned back to the teacher, taking careful notes—although I had already been in advanced classes.
I was enchanted. Under his spell. And it didn’t feel right, but it felt so wonderful that there was someone actually interesting in this school. Yet it kind of hurt, since the person that’s so interesting is so tempting, so delicate. I could take him down any minute I’m next to him, or in the same room as him. I saw Ellie stare at him so, and smile.
What was this feeling that I felt? Like…I wanted to scream at her, and yell at her. Say that she didn’t have a chance to ever be with him, because she wasn’t…worthy? I felt like being cruel to her, to tell her that she should not be trying at all. But why? I don’t even like Edward that way. So why do I feel so overprotective?
Like I’m possessive. I really wasn’t. I wasn’t one to care, actually…Except all my thoughts came back to the scent. I bit my lip, trying to distract myself from it. I shut my eyes trying to think about my family, even tried to picture myself human. But every time I succeeded—I ended up failing again. Even if the time passed slowly—time did eventually pass.
Once the class was finished, and the bell rung, I got up quickly, and strode out the door before the teacher had dismissed us. I was the first in the halls, and I quickly went to my next class. The day ended much better, when I exited the school grounds, and into the parking lot, where it was so harder to smell just one particular person. Nevertheless, there he was—in that silver Volvo of his, already driving out carefully.
I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about him. I was still entranced with his smell by the time we were home. “Bella?” Esme called.
“Yes, Mom?” Esme was like a mom to me, and to our whole family. We all loved her like one, too. Carlisle was also a father to us, as well. Since…they “took us in”.
“Hm, nothing. Is something wrong?” she asked, able to detect my absence. I looked away, from her scrutinizing eyes, and shrugged, walking away to my bedroom. “Bella,” she sighed, but I knew she wasn’t calling me.
I should go off alone tomorrow hunting, so I won’t have to go through the same thing again.
My heart twisted. But why did I have to leave just because of this human walked into my life? I couldn’t stop thinking about him! I knew we were both different. We could not be friends. I was a vampire, he, a mere human. His blood was so…breath taking, and the monster inside me wanted it. Wanted it all.
How could I think like this? I put the pillow over my head, trying to dismiss the thought. We’re both different, way different. We’re like, two universes apart, never to be allowed.

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