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Denizens of the Blood Parade

It was January, and the snow was falling in bright red flakes on lawns all across Eterna City. At school, people were getting ready for the Sadie Hawkins dance, and you could hear girls asking guys left and right.

Tiffany Cowery stood in the lunch line, eyeing Tom Ziggers, who was several feet away. If she could just muster up the courage to speak to him...

She carried her tray with a gait of vigilance, for she didn't want any unfortunate events to occur while she was walking past Tom's table.

However, a brute named Slammer (which was exactly where he was going), tripped her as she was doing so, and her tray flew backward, sending potatoes and chicken flying in every direction.

She landed, sprawled on the floor in front of Tom. Abashed, she picked herself up and ran to the bathroom to cry.

When she got home,she saw her brother's bicycle in the driveway, and kicked it. Dering pleasure from this action, she went into the garage and fetched an iron bar. She took it outside and beat the bicycle into a pulp.

Her mother pulled into the driveway with the family station wagon. She saw Tiffany, and she yelled. "What are you doing?"

"Destroying Andrew's bicycle," Tiffany said, nonchantly.

"The bicycle that we spent one-fourth of our years' savings to purchase for your brother? Are you mad?"

"No, I'm as sane as anyone. But whenever I am frustated, I destroy things."

"Tiffany, put down the iron bar, and come inside. Let's have a talk."

At first, the Cowery girl was defiant, but then she thought, "Why not?" and followed her mother into the house.

"Now, what is the matter?"

Tiffany told her about falling down in front of Tom.

"Is that all? But that's no reason to get upset! Indeed, it's more probable that he will go with you to the dance now. Men love to see their women in embarrassing situations."

"Mom, he's the hottest guy in school. He'll never go out with me. I'm such a Mildred Gaunt."


"A character from Harry Potter. Honestly, Mother, do you ever read?"

Mrs. Cowery ignored this. "Ask Tom, and I'm certain he'll say yes."

"I'll think about it," Tiffany said as she traipsed out of the room.

Tiffany pondered over what Tom would say, and in the end she decided her mother was right. Why not give it a whirl?

So, on the ensuing day, Tiffany jettisoned her lunch in a wastebasket, and ambled boldly up to Tom's table.

"Tom, will you go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me?"

He looked at her blankly. "With you? Hah!" he guffawed. "Yeah, right! No one in his right mind would go with you. You'd better stick with women; you look like the lesbian-type anyway."

Now Tiffany wished she hadn't gotten rid of her food, so that she could toss in Tom's face. How dare he accuse her of...Oh, the insanity! To imagine being a tribade, in a society that looks down upon homosexuality? No way!

But he did have a cute sister, Emily. Actually, cute was an understatement. She was gorgeous. And Tiffany had her heart set on winning Emily.

Tiffany was one of those girls who aren't attractive to men but can win many a woman's heart, if said woman was inclined to give it. It's not that she was masculine or anything; it was that she was too feminine, so much so that only a woman could appreciate her beauty.

So she thought Emily would accept her no matter what, even if she professed to be a heterosexual.

Of course, the Sadie Hawkins dance was out of the question, but the prom was not. And Tiffany decided to wait until then.

Sometime in April, Tiffany approached Emily. "Hi," she said.


"Um...I wanted to ask you aomething, but it's a tad difficult."

"Fire away."

"Well, will you promise not to scream or shout or anything? I know this will come as a surprise."

"I'll be quiet," Emily promised.

Tiffany hesitated, and breathed deeply. Then she spoke: "Okay, here it goes. Emily, I have a crush on you." Emily's eyes glaze over. "Look, you're stunningly beautiful, and intelligent, two qualities I lack. And I go to see every play you're in, and no one observes me drooling over you, but I do. Can I help it? You're fantastic! I know you're straight, but still could you consider going to the prom with me?"

Emily's mouth was now agape. "You're sick, you know that? First you ask my brother for a date, and when he dumps you, you turn to me! At first I thought I should pity you, for Tom is egocentric sometimes. But now I realize you are a fool, trying to get love wherever you possibly can. Out of my sight, lesbian!"

Tiffany scampered away in fright. That night, she broke nine windows and her father screamed at her for four hours.

While this was going on, Emily was contacting everybody from school on her Myspace list and telling them Tiffany was a tribade.

Time went on, and years passed. Both Tom and Emily Ziggers had invaded Tiffany's thoughts. She hated them, and wished them demise. But she loved them as well. To kiss Tom's lips, to hold Emily's hand...if only she could be welcomed into the wonderful house of Ziggers!

Eventually she grew up and became an insurance woman. She had no lovers, and she dreaded getting up in the morning. But she forced herself to.

One morning, she heard a knock at the door. She went to answer it, but no one was there. Then she turned around, and saw a rush of air, flowing from nowhere.

"Tifffannnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyy," the voice said.

"What do you want?" she asked, terrified.

"I want to hhhhhheellllllllllpppppppppppp!!!!!!"

"Help what?"

"Help you get...revenge!"

"Revenge? I don't know what you're talking about."

"Tom and Emily Ziggers are still alive, and I know how you can make their lives absolutely miserable."

"How?" Tiffany aske, a little too eagerly.

"By becoming the queen of the New Beings. You see, you have exactly what they seek. I...I am dead. There's no hope for me. But you, you who breathe with the very thirst and bloom of life, you can succeed."


"I once was as you are. I loved a girl as dear as your Emily, but she turned me down. I killed all of her lovers, but she defied me."


"Well, at last one of her lovers killed me. And I went to a world of oblivion. Before I found them."

"Who is 'them?'"

"The new beings. They are bloodthirsty little critters, and they need a queen. You are the chosen one."

"Show me one."

Tiffany heard a rustling, and then she saw a horrible red thing, about two feet tall, with tentacles and giant teeth.

"That is one of a myriad race," the voice said. "So will you accept their offer to be their queen?"

"What must I do?"

"Name them."

"That's rather difficult. How about Cuddlies?"

"You think a vicious, bloodthirsty creature will accept being called a Cuddly?"

"No. Perhaps. Give me time to think."

"Okay. I'll give you three months."

Tiffany thought long and hard. She didn't even know how these New Beings operated. But she had to have something.

When there was a knock on the expected day three months later, she opened it to see a rose floating in midair.

"How pretty!" Tiffany exclaimed.

"Do not touch," the voice warned, when Tiffany reached out her hand.

"Why not?"

"This is a lamrose. If you touch it, it will prick your finger so deep that it will infect it with a tracking device. This device will bring the New Beings to your doorstep lickety-split, and then they'll have no queen. Now, have you thought of what to call them?"


"Well?" the voice asked impatiently.

"Denizens of the Blood Parade."

"That sounds ridiculous."

"Excuse me? You told me to come up with a name, so I did."

"Well, let's see what the little 'denizen' has to say. Reveal yourself!"

Again Tiffany saw the red thing. It propelled its way over to her, and beckoned her downwards with its tentacles.

Tiffany got on her knees, and the creature put up one tentacle to her left cheek, and the other to the right. Then it spoke.

"Ismigori nomel budissi."

"What's he saying?"

"I don't believe it! He loves the name."

"Junoris nomel butoriz vitusl."

"Okay, he really lost me there. Translation please."

"He's saying that this lamrose is especially for Emily, for he knows you love her the best."

Emily slapped the creature, and he took it meekly. He did not recoil as she expected him to, but merely looked sad.

"I'm sorry, but you can't kill her! She's my life. Kill Tom, for all I care, but leave Emily alone!"

"Dis norik."

"What was that?"

"True love," the voice informed her.

"So," Tiffany said, turning to the direction she thought the voice was coming from. "What shall be expected of me?"

"Well, your first job is to sell lamroses. Once enough people have taken them, the Denizens of the Blood Parade will get power to do whatever they please."

"Excellent! Let's get started!"

"But first you must meet the rest of them, and give a speech."

Tiffany groaned. She was not good with speeches, and when she gave it, she did not do as well as she had hoped. Then again, she knew public performances were not her forte.

"Would you like a lamrose?" Tiffany found herself asking, at a table outside Macy's, after savoring a newspaper report of Tom Ziggers untimely death by blood purging.

A young man bought it for his girlfriend, saw that it was good, and hurried away.
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