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Kind of in Love

Cody sauntered into the house, dropped his nylon bag onto the tiled floor of the kitchen, and pulled off his black leather jacket, draping it over one of the two oak chairs at the dining room table.
"I'm home!" He hollered. He heard muffled thumping sounds coming from the bedroom, the patting sound of stocking feet on the carpeted floor, and sure enough Aaron bounded around the corner of the hallway, into the kitchen, and into his lovers arms.
"Mmm... Cody, I missed you!" The Latino squeaked into his neck.
"Awe, I missed you too, baby," Cody answered softly, inhaling the soft fragrance of Aaron's shoulder length, shiny black hair and wrapping his arms around his small frame.
"You'd better go get ready, hon," Cody said.
"We've got to be at the restaurant in thirty minutes or they'll give away our reserved table."
"Oh, yes!" Aaron exclaimed.
"I'll go get ready... I've been so excited, all day..." Aaron's words trailed off as he pulled away from Cody and gave him a short and sweet peck on the cheek before prancing towards the bedroom. He was dressed in only jeans, socks, and a tank top, which was unusual for him, but Cody didn't pay it much mind. He pulled out the oak chair that he'd draped his jacket over and sat down, sighing happily and observing his surroundings while he waited for Aaron.

He studied a small statue sitting in the middle of the table that Aaron had sculpted in art class when he was fourteen. It was a little penguin about six inches tall, painted all over with rich black and white paint, except for the startling orange beak. Little google eyes that had been glued on right above the beak seemed to stare right through you. The statue was sitting on a small cotton red cloth so that it didn't scratch the table. Aaron had insisted on throwing it away, saying it was junk, it was stupid, but Cody thought it was adorable and had made sure it was kept.

He reached out his finger and ran it across the top of the penguin’s head; it was smooth and cool to the touch. It had been found when they had just moved into this house, the house that they had worked so hard for so many long hours to obtain, and they were proud of it. He could remember sifting through boxes and pulling it out.

“Hey, Aaron, what’s this?” He had said as he turned the sculpture in his hand.

“Oh, that’s just clutter, it can go in the trash bin…” Aaron had replied with one glance at it.

“What? No, I like it!”

“No, I don’t want it. Throw it away.”

“No, It should be kept. It’s cute. Where’d it come from?”

”I made it in art class when I was fourteen. Please, just throw it away.”

”No, I don’t think I will.”

Things had gone on like that for hours until Cody had finally claimed victory.

Cody was snapped back from his trance when Aaron quietly stepped out of the bedroom door and emerged back into the kitchen, in her full drag outfit. Aaron…. Had now transformed into Sherri. The socks, tank top and jeans had now been replaced with a denim skirt, black tights, and casual shoes, a bulky blue sweater over a t-shirt and lots of bracelets. Her hair was pinned out of her face with sparkly hair clips and she had the usual make-up on over her beautifully tanned face. Nobody could have noticed right off the bat that she was a man except for the fact that she had a flat chest and barely any curves at all, which couldn’t be noticed anyway because it was being hidden by the bulky sweater.
“Do I look okay…?” She asked self-consciously. She looked at herself and mumbled something about her sweater being too big.
“I think I’m going to go change...” She murmured and she started walking towards the bedroom door, her shoes making a clicking sound on the floor. Cody quickly and silently rose from his chair and wrapped his arms around Sherri’s waits just as her hand reached the doorknob.
“You look fine hon, c’mon, lets go…” He whispered in a breathy voice.
“But, I need to change my-“

“No, you look gorgeous. Just like you always do… Don’t change.”

Sherri turned around and hung her arms over Cody’s neck.
“Cody, why are you so wonderful?” She asked, her mouth curving upward in a sensual smile. Cody just grinned and kissed her painted lips.

Laughing and Hand-in-hand, they walked out the front door to the car.  
Anyone here?
[HOT VIDEO] Anyone here?

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