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The Last Rose

She walked alone, holding in her small delicate hands, a rose. It was the last rose I had ever given her. I saw a tear run down her soft pink cheeks, followed by many more.

My dearest Lily sat down, it was where we had had our first kiss. I remember it well. We were walking along the shore on a bright moonlight night. It was quite light, and we could see River Mountain standing tall, and we sat down under a tree with a protective overhanging branch. I stared into her eyes, and she stared into mine. Slowly, I brought my lips closer to hers, she brought hers the rest of the way. It was brief, but it was a moment we would always remember.

I remember when I was called in, to the army I mean. It was a horrible time, the time where I had to say goodbye to dearest Lily. We were both in tears, and I left, not turning back because I was afraid that if I saw what I was leaving, I wouldn't go. I wrote her letters every week, and she wrote back. We both missed each other terrible.

In my last letter, I gave her a rose. It was the first rose I had seen in that God forsaken place, so I sent it to her. Do you want to know how I died? Well, I was patrolling, making sure everything was safe, when suddenly something was thrown from the other side. It was a grenade, I didn't have time to move, it just blew me up to smithereens.

I saw Lily when she got the news. It was awful, she cried and cried and cried. I found myself wishing I could comfort her, to hold her in my arms and tell her that everything was going to be alright.

Lily looked down at the rose. In tears, she buried it under the very tree we first kissed, she then whispered "I love you John. Goodbye."

Goodbye my dearest Lily, and goodbye to you too.

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