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Aliens Sit on Stars

“Mathew, do you believe in aliens?”

The wheat grass rustled in the wind around us, and I felt a strange sense of tranquility. He must have felt it too, because I heard a soft sigh beside me and his fingers slightly loosened around mine. “No,” he answered, and moved closer so that our shoulders touched. A shooting star flew across the sky, leaving a sparkly contrail behind it. I smiled.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered, watching the glitter slowly disperse into space.

“Yeah,” Mathew agreed. I felt him turn his head towards me, his breath tickling my neck. “Do you believe in aliens, Iz?” he asked quietly.

I considered my answer and continued looking at the bright night sky quietly; though just the awareness of Mathew’s presence was making my insides do gymnastics routines as it always did. Another shooting star fired across the heavens and my eyes grew wide with wonder. I had never seen such a beautiful night.

“I think so,” I replied, and turned my head so that our noses touched.

His breath was warm on my skin. “But how can you believe in something so implausible? It hasn’t been proven, and there is nothing else identified as smarter than or as intelligent as human beings.”

“Maybe not on Earth, but how do you know that isn’t true somewhere else?” I asked him. “Besides, science doesn’t know everything.” My heart did flip-flops when he smiled against my mouth and looked straight into my eyes, questioning me silently.

“But,” he started and, still smiling, looked up at the sky, “would they look different than us? How would we know they’re aliens and not just ordinary people?”

“You mean people who live in an entirely different atmosphere?”

“Yeah,” he countered. His response was all too innocent, and I had to laugh. I gazed up at the stars again and squeezed Mathew’s hand.

“Humans can’t live in any other air besides our own. That’s why we call them aliens.”

There was a pause, and the whisper of the wind washed over the wheat field. “I thought science didn’t know everything.”
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